Kindle Unlimited Trends

Eight of my e-books are available for FREE through Kindle Unlimited.
Which means that I have voluntarily placed them in KDP Select – …AND NOWHERE ELSE!
I am beginning to wonder if this is working for me. Judging from the trend of the payout that is offered it is becoming less profitable for me.
The jury is still out.
For now, I ought to tell you that there is only a short time left to pick up TROLLING LURES and HAMMURABI ROAD and BIGFOOT TRACKS for FREE on through Kindle Unlimited. The same thing goes for my Bigfoot novel, BIG HAIRY DEAL.
SO – if you have the chance to borrow and read these through the Kindle Unlimited program I would recommend you borrowing and reading them SOON!


KU Trends


Historically, Amazon Prime borrows paid around $2 per borrow through KDP Select until the introduction of Kindle Unlimited.

The KOLL global fund has paid less for Amazon Prime borrows and Kindle Unlimited downloads read to 10% since the debut of Kindle Unlimited in July, 2014.

The most recent KOLL payout of $1.33 for October, 2014 shows a significant downward trend:

  • $2.00 or thereabouts prior to July, 2014
  • $1.81 for July, 2014
  • $1.54 for August, 2014
  • $1.52 for September, 2014
  • $1.33 for October, 2014

$1.33 is a significant drop for KOLL payments.

Books with a list price of $2.99 or higher earn royalties of $2 and up for sales (using the 70% royalty option, assuming a negligible delivery cost).

In the past, KOLL borrows have paid close to the royalty for the purchase of a $2.99 book.

But $1.33 is 33% less than the 70% royalty on a $2.99…

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