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Anyone else have a problem with Canadian/UK spelling?

So what is wrong with this cover?

Some folks might say it is the spelling.

We Canadians have certain ways of spelling words.

What an American might call a “harbor” we call a “harbour”.

It isn’t pronounced ANY differently but we’ve got that darned letter “u” stuck there in the middle of it.

Speaking of middle if you row out into the heart of an American harbor you are probably at the center of things – but if you row out into the heart of a Canadian harbour you will find yourself at the centre.

Is this making sense?

Let us say that you are out there in the center of that American harbor and you wanted to practice up on your home surgery techniques – well, you might want to indulge in a little American anesthesia.

While, if you are practicing up on that Youtube video of “How To Remove Your Own Appendix” in the centre of that Canadian harbour you might need a little Canadian anaesthesia.

Around here, we call that beer.


I could go on with a whole catalogue/catalog of Canadian spellings versus American spelling because I have ALWAYS had problems with this sort of thing.

For starters, I write for a Nova Scotia publisher – but I also write for my indie releases which mostly sell to Americans.

And I have received a few one-star Amazon reviews regarding my faulty grammar and spelling errors – which I directly attribute to my Canadian spelling.

I have my Spell-Check set to American spellings to try and combat this tendency of mine – but it still doesn’t seem to help all that much.

The funny thing is I really don’t enjoy most British writing. My wife adores her British historicals and her parlor/parlour mysteries – but I can only take so much of the British dialect before I reach for a Joe Lansdale, Raymond Chandler or Stephen Hunter novel.

I am a great fan of Guinness stout, though. I don’t really care HOW you spell that stuff just so long as you pour it in my glass!

So – what words are YOU most likely to misspell?

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