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More #NaNoWriMo News…

I should be writing right now – and so should YOU – but while we are both mutually dawdling why don’t you take a look at Chuck Wendig’s latest list of NaNoWriMo tips?

You might not appreciate the man’s potty-mouth – but I tell you that this guy ALWAYS has something entertaining and useful to read.

You click this picture and it will take you to Chuck Wendig’s latest book on writing.

Here are my NaNoWriMo totals so far today!

November 1 – 1700 words

November 2 – 2400 words

November 3 – 1250 words

November 4 – 250 words (so far)

Which puts the book at a total of 39,100 words (so far) today.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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Calling All Authors

Hey authors – are you looking for a little more exposure to the Australian readership?

I’m definitely going to have to get an excerpt and an interview with Ch’kara SilverWolf for the November 23rd Kindle and Kobo release of LADY MACBETH – THE MERMAID AND THE KELPIE.