Constantine and Gotham – Television Gets it Right!

I’ve been pretty excited over at least TWO new television shows this season.

And BOTH of them are DC comics.

First off there is GOTHAM. Nice and nasty. I really enjoy Bullock and Gordon – although I keep feeling that I am watching Russell Crowe lite in Jim Gordon’s role. The Penguin is doing a great job and Catwoman is suitably feline and I am pretty certain that the last episode of the season – when we finally get there – is going to bring the Joker into the picture.

What I like most is that Gotham is dark!

Then – last night I watched CONSTANTINE.

They seem to be doing that series up good and proper as well. Constantine, the character, is both mad and bad and exactly the way I pictured him.

Now, if I could ONLY eliminate the memory of Keanu Reeves horrible take on the character in the absolutely dreadful 2005 fiasco.

(shall I tell you how I REALLY feel?)

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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8 responses to “Constantine and Gotham – Television Gets it Right!

  1. Ted “Theodore” Logan is dead…long live Constantine!

    Matt Ryan nailed it. 🙂


  2. Haven’t seen Gotham yet – but I plan to, so I’ll reserve judgement/opinions until that happens.

    Haven’t seen Constantine either but I am upset that he doesn’t smoke. From what I’m told he, “puts out” cigarettes but is never seen smoking. I get that it’s NBC prime time and that’s a no-no but it’s such a core part of the character it seems like it NEEDED to be in.

    We shall see.


  3. I’m wary of Gotham. I like it but there’s only so much they can do because Gordon has to fail or we won’t get Batman.
    I’m reserving judgement on Constantine since only one episode has aired. I feel like I should like the show but it didn’t grab me. I’m hoping it does in future episodes.
    Do you not watch Marvel? Have you seen SHIELD or do you plan on watching Agent Carter when it comes out?


    • I do watch Agents of Shield – but I am less in love with it now than I was. I wish they would use more obvious Marvel villains. The long story arc usually bores me and this is no exception. I prefer a “villain-of-the-week” approach.

      I really enjoyed their take on The Absorbing Man. Like I say, I wish that they would use more obvious Marvel bad guys. Hydra isn’t enough for me.

      I think the problem is that they are purposefully saving their Marvel villains for movie appearances.


      • I really like the long story arc lol I have no problem with a monster of the week, but I like it when a long story arc comes together seamlessly. SHIELD is pretty hit or miss for me but I still watch it. Have you seen Arrow or The Flash? They’re closer to a villain of the week and they’ve had some really good episodes


    • I’ve watched the first episode of The Flash and like it fine. I’ve got the next couple of episodes on DVR, just waiting for an opportunity.

      I wasn’t struck by The Arrow at all. He doesn’t look a thing like Green Arrow to me. I always like Green Arrow as a codgerly old fart.


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