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Constantine and Gotham – Television Gets it Right!

I’ve been pretty excited over at least TWO new television shows this season.

And BOTH of them are DC comics.

First off there is GOTHAM. Nice and nasty. I really enjoy Bullock and Gordon – although I keep feeling that I am watching Russell Crowe lite in Jim Gordon’s role. The Penguin is doing a great job and Catwoman is suitably feline and I am pretty certain that the last episode of the season – when we finally get there – is going to bring the Joker into the picture.

What I like most is that Gotham is dark!

Then – last night I watched CONSTANTINE.

They seem to be doing that series up good and proper as well. Constantine, the character, is both mad and bad and exactly the way I pictured him.

Now, if I could ONLY eliminate the memory of Keanu Reeves horrible take on the character in the absolutely dreadful 2005 fiasco.

(shall I tell you how I REALLY feel?)

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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