eBook success: short and sweet?

What do you author-types out there think of this?

I tend to agree, thinking that short and sweet sometimes fills the bill nicely. On the other hand – my best seller is also my longest book – TATTERDEMON.

I’d love to hear some other opinions.

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yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon

Belinda Williams

Shorter is sweeter in the digital world

As featured in Carnival of the Indies, Issue #36 September 13 As featured in Carnival of the Indies, Issue #36 September 13

eBook success Is the length of your eBook all that stands between your success or failure?

Over the last twelve months or so, eBooks have been getting shorter. It could in part be attributed to the ‘series’ mentality that has come about since the worldwide success of Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. These weren’t short books, mind you (at times I wondered if they’d ever end, but that’s another post!)

In the self-publishing world, you can now regularly see the first book in a series priced for free or a best-selling eBook author selling a series of novellas. Even traditionally published authors are hopping on the bandwagon. One of my favourite historical mystery/romance authors, Deanna Raybourn, released a prequel to her major release in May this year. How much did she charge…

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