The Entire Halloween Series…

Good news fellow horror nerds!

The entire HALLOWEEN movie series is NOW AVAILABLE in a great big fat juicy boxed set – but ONLY in Blu-Ray.

I haven’t converted to Blu-Ray yet.

Call me a caveman.

I’m still resisting.

Okay – so I REEEALLLY want to buy this series – the whole freaking series – but HMV only has the Blueray collector’s set because that’s all there freaking is – and besides I am so broke that my wallet cries bitter, bitter tears because it just does NOT remember the feeling of actual honest-to-Donald-Trump folding money – so I have to settle for watching this cheapie 2 minute remake of the ENTIRE FREAKING HALLOWEEN SERIES!

Happy October, boys and girls!

(warning – gratuitous potty mouth Youtube video – you might want to put your babies to bed before you actually watch this)

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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