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Stop spamming, you’ll scare the potential readers. Marketing: A passive aggressive sport.

There is ALWAYS a very fine line that stretches between discretely laying your book on a table where someone will see it and ask you about it and entering a room jumping up and down in an ill-fitting neon green kilt, while waving your book over your head and possibly concussing a few random household pets while shouting “BUY MY BOOK! BUY MY BOOK!”

So – how do you folks promote your books?

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How do you let people know that you have written book with out clubbing them over the social media?

Marketing: A passive aggressive sport.

Passive Marketing– I am passively marketing to you right now. I had a catchy title for my blog post. I provide useful information and there is a link to my book, ready for anyone who clicks. I offer tips and tricks and tell a secret, I re-post other authors blogs and read their books. I offer advice, although I am new to marketing. It creates dialogue. People can say, he was helpful or better yet, I was able to help. Provide words of encouragement.

Active Marketing- Deliberate and purposeful. Buy my book, I want your money. Here’s my link www.buymyblahblahbook.com . That sums it up. Active marketing is like fire works, or a one night stand, after the flash and bang, people go home, sometimes…

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