3K a month as an indie writer?

I was over at Kboards this afternoon and I read this question.

First off please excuse my typing, I am at my crummy cell phone booth job working for $9 per hour haha and im not good at typing on my phone. I am working on two serials right now. A fantasy and an adventure. I have high hopes as I enjoy storytelling a lot :) There is a part of me that worries though, how hard is it to make money with kindle? I know serials are the way to go…and im excited about this. But how realistic is reaching 3k per month? If I work hard, keep writing and promote I will reach it right?

Well, I answered it over there – but I thought I would answer it here as well.

Let me tell you what I said.

I have a good friend of mine in a neighboring province, who says that’s about what she makes as an indie-writer. Three grand a month. Is she a better writer than me? I don’t know but she sure as heck outsells me.

Speaking for myself, I make about ten grand a year – and that’s counting personal appearances, my traditional publishing royalties as well as what I make as an indie writer.

That’s after forty years of writing.

There is always going to be somebody out there making more money than you. Count on it. Bet on it. Swear on a stack of self-published memoirs written in broken iambic pentameter.

Give yourself a few years. Write like the devil. Promote like a brilliant angel. Don’t fart around too much on Facebook. Don’t give up the day job – it buys you the time that you need to write. Smile at the people you need to smile at and wash under your armpits so that you don’t smell funny. Write some more. Get lucky at Bookbub. Find out that you have real knack for romance – or smut – or how-to write Kindle books.

Write some more.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Luck is always an important factor in this gig.

Knock on wood and cultivate an acre of four-leaf clover – neatly lopping the feet off of any bunnies who happen to wander into that field.

Keep on writing.

You never can tell.

You just MIGHT get lucky.

Unlucky Rabbit's feet

I’d also like to take this moment to share with you a very short piece of prose. Some of you folks might have read this before but seeings that the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia has just put this out as their first Spookypalooza entry I thought I would share it with you.

At 175 words it just doesn’t take that long to read.


And – if you enjoyed this blog entry please be sure to pick up one of my e-books.

You can pick them up at KINDLE or KOBO.

Best of all – several of my Kindle releases are available for FREE through Kindle Unlimited.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

4 responses to “3K a month as an indie writer?

  1. I find this interesting, Stephen, and am wondering if you are counting your storytelling as “personal appearances,” or if that is another income stream. Just after the National Storytelling Festival there’s always talk about six figure storytellers, how everyone wants to be one, and how rare that actually is. Yet the vast majority of storytellers make less than $20,000 a year at their craft. They either do something else in addition to that work, or they have a spouse whose job subsidizes their own vocation.


    • Hi Paula.

      No, I am afraid that the storytelling income is part of that $10,000. The fact is – where I am mostly bound to the Maritimes I am confined to a VERY small fishing hole. If I lived in Toronto I would do much better with school appearances and the like – but I enjoy living here in the maritimes, so I must be content with that.


  2. Again, enjoyed this a lot. Keep up the posts, very informative and inspiring.


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