How NOT to promote your Kindle Freebie – the afterbash

If any of you folks have ever worked in the theater as I have you are probably familiar with what some folks refer to as the “wrap” party.

The afterbash.

Well – if you live life the way you ought to then pretty nearly ANY sort of a creative accomplishment – writing the end of a novel, completing a painting, finishing the last bite of a perfectly made peanut butter and jam sandwich – calls for an afterbash.

Heck – if you do it write mowing the lawn requires an afterbash.

Heck – ask my wife.

Doing the dishes requires a whole freaking parade!!!

So let me tell you how things have turned out with my Kindle Freebie promotion for HAMMURABI ROAD.

Oddly enough I managed to give away 591 free copies yesterday and by this time this morning I have given away another 32 freebie copies.

Problem was, I forgot that I had put this out as a two-day freebie – rather than a one day freebie.

What can I tell you?

Sometimes stupid gets in everybody’s eyes.

So that brings me to another important point about ANY Kindle promotion.

Point #1 – A smart writer who wishes to launch any sort of successful campaign needs to be organized!

In fact, let’s clarify that.

Point #1a – A smart writer who wishes to launch any sort of successful campaign needs to be BETTER ORGANIZED THAN ME!!!

(You see – I am DETERMINED to make this thread live up to its title!)

At the end of the day I believe I have been very fortunate with this particular freebie campaign.

In fact, let’s clarify THAT!

I have been LUCKY with this campaign.

I wrote a solid blog entry that a lot of wonderful people read and shared and retweeted. I can’t guarantee that would happen every time. The fact is not every single one of my blog entries are as solid.


As for today – I have promised my wife I am moving furniture for most of the morning. Grocery shopping will figure into that as well. I’m not going to have the time to continue to apply energy to this freebie campaign today. THAT – more than anything else is why a writer ought to have a couple of good promotional websites lined up to pulse out a few good promotional blasts over each of his promotional days – assuming he remembers that he actually REMEMBERS that it is a two day campaign in the first place.
:-[ :-[ :-[

So yes – HAMMURABI ROAD is STILL free on

AND you can pick it up for free on as well!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

11 responses to “How NOT to promote your Kindle Freebie – the afterbash

  1. Er… maybe you can talk the cashier at the grocery store into taking one… 😉 Sorry, that’s all I got.
    Congrats again on your most successful first half though!!


  2. Ha! We have theatre in common, I see. How did you manage there without organisation skills?! 🙂


    • Well – I am being a little generous when I say “theatre”. In addition to being a writer I am an oral tradition storyteller – and as such I have performed before audiences ranging from five to five thousand. I’d make a lousy actor, however. I have grand stage presence – so long as I can fall back upon ad-lib storytelling. I’m very good at telling old tales in my own fashion but I am absolutely miserable at memorizing lines and cues.


  3. Well congratulations on the book release! I actually just wrote a post on the debate between giving away free books, or not. Can I ask what your reasoning was behind giving this one away for the first two days?


    • Well – I don’t know if it works the same for everyone – but this is how it has worked for me. Prior to my first giveaway on September 1st I was only selling a couple of e-books a week on Kindle. I have sold e-books everyday but four days in September and so far I’ve sold some every day in October.

      So – somehow these giveaways seem to be contributing to my all-over visibility. There are a lot of different reasons WHY that could be happening and I can only guess – but so far it seems to be working. It seems to help raise my visibility and raise my all-around sales figures.

      Liked by 1 person

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