My Kindle Freebie Promotion – End of Night Results


I’ve had a huge day even though I spent half of the evening binge-watching the first four episodes of BROADCHURCH which I dvr’d from a recent re-broadcast of the original British series on Showcase.

(Don’t talk to me about that American remake of the series. I know they’re just making it for those folks who don’t have the patience to sift through the original series Britishisms, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the American version won’t hold a candle to the original ITV series.)

So far I have given away 439 free copies of HAMMURABI ROAD – which is a pretty respectable number for a one day freebie giveaway that started out with nothing more than a couple of tweets on Twitter.

That puts HAMMURABI ROAD up to the #691 Free in Kindle Store.

In addition I have sold a couple of my other Kindle books and have had four books borrowed through Kindle Unlimited.

I owe most of this to all of those wonderful folks out there who shared and retweeted my freebie and I am intensely grateful. I also want to thank the folks who decided to sign up to follow my blog YOURS IN STORYTELLING.

I still believe that in order to stage a truly successful Kindle freebie promotion you NEED to get your book listed ahead of time on one or more reputable promotion websites – but I have had a great time getting this freebie giveaway up off of the ground with elbow grease and twitter funk.

There's still an hour or two to order HAMMURABI ROAD for FREE on!

There’s still an hour or two to order HAMMURABI ROAD for FREE on!

Or, you can order it on

That’s enough for tonight. Thanks again for all of the support and thanks to everyone who downloaded this little novella.

I couldn’t have done it without you folks. I hope that you enjoy the read.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

2 responses to “My Kindle Freebie Promotion – End of Night Results

  1. Thank you Steve! Glad you had a successful day of it. 🙂 Always happy to help.


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