Manly Romance Writer: Q&A With Nic Tatano

All right – as some of you folks know I am currently working on a paranormal romance – and, being a fellow, I kept hearing that smarmy little know-it-all voice in the back of my brain that kept on asking me just who in the heck did I think I was kidding!

Well – I guess Nic Tatano has been making a mark for himself as a male romance writer – so there is hope for an old fart like me yet!

Give a look at this interview reblogged from Lady

Lady Smut

By Madeline Iva

I first noticed Nic Tatano’s name after we got our anthology contract with HarperImpulse.  Nic’s gorgeous YA cover was all over the HarperImpulse website at the time and I just love, love, loved it.Spectre

It wasn’t until our publisher sponsored Romance Festival 2014 last June, that I realized Nic was a man!  He was on this swoon-worthy facebook panel about “THE MEN OF ROMANCE” where a few male romance writers and one male romance blogger exchanged frank conversation about men, how they act with regards to romance, and writing romance novels.  Someone asked what really attracted men to women and Nic said, “I think a great signal to get a guy’s attention is eye contact. A look that goes right into your soul is what has always done it for me.” 

(!) So, since Nic’s latest book TWITTER GIRL is just out, I thought we should have him…

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2 responses to “Manly Romance Writer: Q&A With Nic Tatano

  1. Hi Steve, welcome to the very small club!!!


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