Happy Dance of Writing Joy

I married a professional dancer.

She doesn’t dance anymore. She retired this year after two decades of dancing and giving instruction to hundreds and hundreds of students. She went back to college and is now working in hospital administration.

I am so damn proud of her.


I’ve been always been a dancer as well – only more in the whirling-frog-in-a-blender style of freestyle drunken abandon. I figure as long as my feet are hitting the floor and my head is bumping  in the rafters then I am doing fine.


Cool thing is, my wife has never minded my lack of choreography. She is just happy to see me up there with her dancing. You take a note there – all you other dudes – if your lady wants to boogie get up off of your ass and shake it, man! Dancing is just another way of having fun.

She didn’t marry Fred Astaire.

She married YOU!


Writing has always been my dancing.

It’s fun for me.

The day it stops being fun I expect I’ll stop too – BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY!

I’d just like to say thank you to all of those folks out there who have picked up a free copy of NOT JUST ANY OLD GHOST STORY.

Today is the last day of the freebie offer and I have given away over 800 copies so far.

Allow me to give you a brief Snoopy happy dance of writing joy.

This is me, doing my Happy Dance!

This is me, doing my Happy Dance!

In honor of this I have marked my SEA TALES collection of short and eerie maritime fiction down to $2.99 from it’s usual $4.99 price tag.


Thanks again.

Writing is fun, life is fun – now get out there and DANCE!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


2 responses to “Happy Dance of Writing Joy

  1. I see nothing wrong with your dancing if the snoopy dance is part of your repertoire.


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