A Simple Writing Trick – The Magic 350

Sticky Note

I want you to do something for me today.

I want you to keep a tally on how many words you write in every Facebook posting, every Twitter tweet, every e-mail you write and every comment on every forum message that you frequent. Then add in the grocery list you wrote this morning and the crossword puzzle that you did when the boss you were really working on the Casey and Finnegan case.

Don’t forget that dirty joke you Sharpie’d onto the mensroom wall.

How long before you get to 350 words?

Probably not very long at all.


Now I want you to do something else for me – all of you writer types..

Write 350 words on whatever manuscript you happen to be working on.

Write those magic 350 words before you open up Twitter or go on Facebook or even check your e-mail.

That’s about one page a day.

You do that every day, 7 days a week, and before the year is out you will have yourself a novel.

It’s that easy.

350 words a day – every day – that’s your assignment.


My wife is working on a novel of her own. I’m very excited about it and I am pleased to see how excited she is about it.

She has taken the 350 word rule to heart.

Furthermore, she has written herself notes about the house.

Right under the television set is a big old note that reads 350.

Right above the screen of her laptop is another 350 note.

There’s another 350 note on the refrigerator.

The candy jar in the living room also carries a 350 note.

Do you get the picture?

Before she watches television, checks Facebook, eats a candy or even something from the refrigerator, she writes her 350 words – or more.

You try that trick. It’s simple and it is easy – but the simple easy tricks of life always work the best.


Now, there is one more something that I would like you to do for me today.

Late this morning my new Kindle release NOT JUST ANY OLD GHOST STORY is available for FREE!

I want to see as many copies given away as possible. I am trying to reach new readers and the more free copies I give away the more people get a chance to read my words.

SO – swing on over to Amazon and pick up a copy of NOT JUST ANY OLD GHOST STORY today.

Leave a review if you can. It’s a short read.

If you can’t leave a review then send out a Tweet or a Facebook posting or pin the cover to your Pinterest page – ANYTHING that you can think of to get the word out for me.

But write your magic 350 words first, okay?

NOT JUST ANY OLD GHOST STORY is available on Amazon.com for free from September 1 to September 3.

NOT JUST ANY OLD GHOST STORY is available on Amazon.co.uk for free from September 1 to September 3.

Just click this cover and it will take you to the Amazon.co.uk listing!


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


8 responses to “A Simple Writing Trick – The Magic 350

  1. Best of luck to your wife and to you as well Steve.


  2. Grabbed my copy this morning! Thanks for letting me know.


  3. That is a really clever idea, leaving the notes all around the house.

    Congratulations on the release!


  4. I feel shame. I have three full blown items in my head, one which is maybe 80% on the machine and I pitty pat on a zillion sites — waaaymore than 350 words a day, and stall, and stall. . .

    I got the book.


    • There is no need for shame.

      Shame is that irritating friend who never has anything good to say. You really don’t know why you even bother talking to her but you still go out for coffee with her whenever she asks you to.

      The coffee is always bitter.

      This morning is a brand new day.

      Burn shame at the stake of productivity and grin the whole day long.


      Thanks for picking up my book. I hope you enjoy the read.


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