Food Crawl – part 2

Fans of the old RED FOX TAVERN will be happy to know that they are open for business as a brand new Bubba Ray’s Sports Bar. We ate there tonight. I had a Rickard’s Red and a mushroom and swiss burger – which was awesome. Belinda had a Coor’s Light and a big plate of ribs. Mustn’t forget to mention the deep fried dill pickles which we had as an appetizer.

Absolutely perfect.

The service was great. Our waitress, Amanda, had only worked there for two nights but she was right on the ball. The food took a little while in coming but it was perfect. No complaints whatsoever. I’d recommend swinging by there for a beer and some grub first chance you get.

Make no mistake though. This isn’t the RED FOX anymore. This is BUBBA RAY’S. Fans of chicken wings will be glad to hear that Wednesday nights are Wings night at this location.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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