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The Longest Mile…


So I worked a half of a day shift today and got off work at one in the afternoon.

I hate to not get the hours but it was a beautiful day – so I decided I would walk home from work.

All of you Halifax folks – just picture walking home from Scotia Square to the Halifax Shopping Centre.


I had my reasons.

For one – I wanted to try out a barber on this random unpruned shrubbery that I loosely refer to as “hair”.

The barber was up at the end of Oxford Street – before you get to the Westcliffe Diner.

(And if you haven’t had a clubhouse, cheeseburger, milkshake or onion rings at the Westcliffe you REALLY want to go and give them a try!)

The prices are fantastic as well – and the service is always fast and friendly.

Click this picture to get to there Facebook page.

Click this picture to get to the Westcliffe Diner Facebook page.

I didn’t go for food today because I had already had a salad and part of the reason I walked was to burn off a few extra calories.

Besides – I needed to save room for the pizza tonight.


I went to the Golden Touch Salon.

The barber did a great job and I was really pleased.

So I walked home and I had just parked myself in front of the computer when the phone rang. Turns out that Pier One had our new couches ready. So I phoned up my stepson Connor – and he and I lugged two full-sized living room couches from Pier One to our home – maybe a half a block away.

My biceps are so bumped right now that I can barely type this blog entry.

I’m sweated down to the bone – so when Belinda got home she decided to order pizza for all three of us.

To hell with the diet. I crave carbs, grease and meat!!!

A Pappa Mario’s donair pizza!



We don’t need no steenking gyms!



yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon