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Telling Stories at the Tidal Bore…

Tidal Bore StorytellingI have taken part in a lot of cool storytelling gigs over the years.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Aurora at the Fundy Tidal Interpretive Centre and asked if I could take part in a storytelling event this August.

Well, it turns out that I had the time and they found myself and my wife lodgings for the evening – which made a big difference to whether or not I could attend and take part.

I had Thursday and Friday off from work and my wife took a vacation day for Friday. Once she got from work on Thursday we hopped in the car and braved our way through the rush hour traffic. Once we got on the highway things moved pretty quickly.

We reached the Bed and Breakfast that was donating our lodgings. It was a really pretty spot right on the Bay of Fundy and it was called CRESTHAVEN BY THE SEA.

The Cresthaven was a lovely little spot with big comfortable rooms and a great decor. Our hosts, Warren and Cathrine Yuill, did their best to make us feel at home and I wished we had more time to spend just to soak up the view of the Bay of Fundy.

For supper, we walked down to the local restaurant, BING’S EATERY.

The owner, head artist and cook served us up two fine meals. I had a substantial smoked meat sandwich on sourdough bread with a heap of healthy baked potato wedges while Belinda tried the fish taco. Again, I wish we had had a bit more time to really sit and enjoy the meal and possibly try a bit of dessert – but we were on a pretty tight timetable.

We arrived at the Interpretative Centre and enjoyed a splendid view of a very quiet-looking river. I met my good buddy and fellow writer, Stephen Lowe and his lovely wife Gwen Frankton. I met Stephen at last year’s SUMMER FEAR  Horror Festival in Tatamagouche.

Thanks to Stephen Lowe for the photograph.

Thanks to the help of astronomer Paul Heath we had a splendid view of an absolutely gorgeous moon through a telescope that looked powerful enough to have readily focused upon the feathery navel of a Bedford Basin bald eagle.

Then the real star of the evening – the Tidal Bore – came roaring in. Within about fifteen minutes that sleepy river was transformed into a roaring torrent that would have fit right into a 1970’s disaster flick. All we needed was Charlton Heston thumping his fist against the iron railing saying something dramatic like “Damn you, tidal bore. Damn you – you are louder than me.”

Here is a Youtube video I found to give you folks a bit of an idea. We were perched out there on that big iron viewing platform they show early on in the two minute or so video and had a splendid view of the entire experience.

That will give you folks a taste – but really, you want to get yourself up to Maitland sometime this fall and catch the wonderful spectacle firsthand. Call ahead to the Interpretive Centre to get an idea on the timing. Admittance is free the experience is definitely breathtaking.

Afterward the arrival of the bore I did my best not to further bore the audience, telling a couple of local stories as well as a retelling of that wonderful old classic, “The Golden Arm”.

Then Paul reset his telescope and treated to my first look at the planet Saturn. Previous to this experience I had only ever seen Saturn in movies and textbook photographs but thanks to that big old telescope I could see the rings of Saturn just as clearly as I see the wrinkles around my baggy old eyes every morning in my bathroom mirror.

Speaking of mornings – Belinda and I had a wonderful sleep and a really fine breakfast at the Cresthaven.

It was a great little working vacation and I hope to do this again sometime next summer.


Incidentally, I’ll be signing and selling my books this year in Tatamagouche for the SUMMER FEAR 4 as well on August 23, 2014 at the Tatamagouche Grain Elevator.

Hope to see some of you there.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon