What Makes People Buy Self-Published Books?

So – what makes YOU buy self-published books.


(and why aren’t you buying mine?)

🙂 🙂 🙂

Have a look at what book-blogger Tara Sparling has to say.

What Makes People Buy Self-Published Books?.

4 responses to “What Makes People Buy Self-Published Books?

  1. Thanks for the link to the article.

    I find that most people I’ve talked to don’t look at the publisher. They’re not interested in how the book got onto Amazon, just whether or not it looks like something they would like to read.

    So the genre, cover and sample chapter are very important. I was interested in the comment where the writer said that she looked at the worst review, as she thought it might be the most honest.


    • Hey Kathryn.

      Funny thing is, that was the one comment I did not care for. Mostly because I have books that have accumulated something like twenty or so solid rave five stars reviews and one “Ew, I don’t like horror.” one star review. Guess which review I would listen to?

      The sample chapter is something I need to make more of a habit of promoting. I have sold quite a few e-books just that way – but I don’t always think of it.


  2. Hey, I bought a couple of your ebooks :o) I was attracted to the folksy humour of the bible stories. I’m not a horror fiction fan though :o\

    Best wishes and thanks for the article link to Tara’s blog.



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