Don’t Blow Your Own Horn

“Let someone else toot your horn and the sound will travel twice as far.” – Will Rogers.

All right.

Just so that you won’t think that I am being holier-than-thou let me make one thing clear. I do occasionally blow my own horn on Facebook and Twitter and all of those other social networks.

I try not to overdo it.

The fact is I don’t really know if it even helps. Occasionally a well-placed Facebook posting will result in a sale or two – but I get more sales when a posting comes up on a promotional website.

I’m talking Bookbub or e-Book Soda or the many other websites designed strictly for promotional purposes.

It may cost me a few dollars but in the end it brings results.

So the next time you find yourself impulsively shooting out twenty or thirty Facebook “Buy-my-book” postings – stop and think about it.

Wouldn’t you be better off spending the time signing up with a reputable promoter who can get the word out to folks who actually might buy your books.

Or – wouldn’t you better off writing a few more pages on your next book rather than shooting off thirty eight more “Buy-my-book” tweets?

Don’t blow your horn so darned hard so often.

Don't be this dude.

Don’t be this dude.

Take a lesson from Gimli.

If you are going to blow – blow with a little soul.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

PS – I’m at 43,500 words today at Camp NaNoWriMo. I’m stumbling towards the finish line on my knees and I believe I can hear Gabriel blowing his horn.

Oh wait a minute, that’s just Gimli again. 🙂

2 responses to “Don’t Blow Your Own Horn

  1. I tried e-book soda to little success. Have you had any luck with them? I want to try Book Bub but it’s a bit out of my price range at the moment.


    • Hi Barry. I’ll be honest with you. I wrote this entry on the gallop, because I wanted to put something up but I did not have a lot of time to write it. So those were the first two names that came to my mind.

      I used e-book soda in combination with several promotional sites a while ago – so it would be hard for me to comment how successful that one site was for me.

      As for Book Bub – that is out of my price range as well.

      Sorry if I inadvertantly mislead you.

      I have written a bit about my promotional strategies in a couple of different spots.

      You might find my Friday the 13th series of promotions helpful. I have detailed them here.

      You also might find this series of articles helpful.

      Both of them give you a bit more detail about the results I have had with certain promotional sites. Remember – the Friday the 13th article is the LAST in a series – so click back from that to the beginning of the series of articles.

      And the Promote, promote, promote is the first of about six blog entries that detail the results of another of my promotional campaigns and it might give you the practical tips you are looking for – but click forward from this one.

      Am I making any sense or has the sun got to me? 🙂


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