Mad Max – Fury Road

All right.

Mel Gibson might be an asshole in real life – but he was a GREAT Mad Max, so I am a little leary of a “reboot”, “remake” or whatever the heck this is going to be – but I am more than ready to see another Mad Max movie.

The trailer looks like they’ve got the right sort of desperate post-apocalyptic feel. It looks a little frantic for my liking – but they may have just been trying to cram as many crashes and bangs into the trailer as possible.

Tom Hardy SOUNDS right for the part.

He even LOOKS right for the part – or at least the shots they show of him do.

The “tough” female character they show sounds just a bit too Hollywood-glib. I am very weary of all of these tough-talking nancy-girl types that have become so prevalent in movies today. I have known a LOT of tough women in my life. None of them talked as slick/glibly as Hollywood would have us believe.

Most of the tough women I’ve known just got up and did what had to be done rather than just standing around and talking about it. They walked-the-walk and left the talkers behind in their dust.

Is this movie going to revive a long-dead franchise?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

4 responses to “Mad Max – Fury Road

  1. It’s got a lot of ground to cover to be as good as the first Mad Max and there will be weepin’ and wailin’ if they don’t do a good job but they won’t be bothered as they’re aiming it at a new generation who don’t know the first films. Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype.


  2. I’m hoping…but I’m not holding my breath.



  3. Hear, hear on what you said regarding Hollywood’s idea of a “tough woman”. I’m happy to be seeing a lot more articles and posts criticizing them on this. Maybe we’ll finally get more badly needed three-dimensional female characters. I can hope!

    btw, very nice blog!


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