Halifax’s Biggest Bellydance and Book Yard Sale!

Hey Halifax!
I want to tell you about my big book and bellydance yard sale this Saturday – July 26. My wife, Belinda, is selling off a ton of bellydance costumes and accessories. Bangles, coins, beads, fabric – costumes of all shapes and sizes. Swords. An Aquaman and Mera costume. A Woody (from Toy Story) costume.

If that doesn’t set your costume-loving hearts thumping then let me tell you about the books and dvd’s. A ton of YA books and horror and some fantasy and scifi – at bargain basement prices. I’m letting the books go at 25 cents a piece or 10 for a dollar. The dvd’s are mostly oddball hard-to-find horror movies and I am letting them go for a buck a piece.

This IS the yard sale you want to go to.

Yup – that’s me and my wife – and that IS my actual hair. Just click the picture and it will take you right to my Facebook Event.


Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon



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