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80 (Short) Facts About Being an Indie Author (Part 1)

For those folks who have wondered just what it means to be an indie writer…

Day 15 at Camp NaNoWriMo – Writing Makes You Grin

A lot of people wonder why somebody would want to spend a perfectly good summer morning with his head plugged into a computer screen making up lies about imaginary people.

For starters – I like to write.

It makes me grin.

It keeps my mind awake and active, like a good cup of coffee.

Coffee 2Writing is creative – and creativity is a necessary component of healthy human existence.

Scientists have proven that the exercise of your own creativity increases brain levels of the antidepressant hormone serotonin.

Which is a big-winded, multi-syllabic long-way-around-the-barn sort of way of saying that creating makes you feel good.

I often think about my Grandfather Hanlan who would spend whole days in his basement tinkering on some new contraption. The man was a chronic putterer. I sometimes thought that he did that just as an excuse to get away from the stress of raising grandkids. He might also have done it to forget about the stress of work or the stress of being married.

We human beings do ALL kinds of activities to reduce stress.

Still – nowadays as I get older I believe that my grandfather was just being creative in his own way.

I always think about that he built himself a revolving platform for an outdoor Christmas tree display out of the motor from an old spin washer. He never did manage to get the speed properly geared in – so when that sucker started spinning it looked a little like a Tardis on a seriously bad acid trip.


But that’s just the thing.

You don’t have to be GOOD at what you do to get yourself a grin out of it.

So whether you are creating some sort of masterpiece or just composing a dirty limerick for your favorite Tardis washroom stall – you will get a grin out of it.

So go ahead and make something today.

Make it up out of your own imagination.

A painting, a poem, a brand new recipe or a wooden box to put your rubber bands in.

Make it – and just see if you don’t grin.


I had a slower morning and I have to get ready to go to work – but I am still grinning.

I wrote 700 words and I am at the 29700 word mark. I’ve come up with a story angle that I hadn’t thought of which is going to give me material for several other chapters and I am grinning.

Follow my progress at Camp NaNoWriMo.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon