Day 13 at Camp NaNoWriMo – A Lull in the Storm

Some days life just seems to catch up on you and it gets in the way of your writing.

That is going to happen. Life is not something that is easily controlled.

Do not beat yourself up about it if life gets in the way so much that you miss a day of writing or just slow down on your quota.

The fact is yesterday I had just such a slowdown. I had a middle of the day shift and work that absolutely needed to be done around the house and I also wanted to spend some time with my wife – so I only got 1200 words written. The day before was only 200.

But today I managed 2000 words – which is a fine morning’s work.

Sometimes life gets in the way.

Whether you are trying to make a diet happen or trying to work out everyday on a new exercise regime or maybe – like me – you are trying to write a certain amount of words every day.


If you beat yourself up about it I guarantee that your long-term production will suffer. Guilt gives rise to self-doubt and self-doubt is their surest way to screw up your production level – WHATEVER you are trying to accomplish.

Remember – that life that keeps getting in the way of what you are trying to do?

Well – odds are that that all-too-inconvenient life stuff is exactly the same sort of stuff you are writing about. So a big old chunk of life gets in the way today – don’t freak out – because tomorrow you will pick the guts out of the life stuff and inject it into your writing.

Life isn’t in the way.

Life is the way.

Get busy, get writing – but most of all have fun.

Odds are before you know it your words will find their own wings.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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