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Want More Conflict in Your Novel? Go DM & Balance the Party

Any of you writing folk out there play D&D? Here’s a great article on how you can use that “experience” to help fully develop and explore your characters.

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Recently, I’ve added homeschooling The Spawn to the list of what I already do. Blog, write books, teach, run two small businesses and keeping a house clean, the yard mowed, and my family fed. As an introvert who works from home, it’s easy to realize you no longer leave the house and are talking to yourself way more than is healthy. Thus, I’ve been on a mission to break some patterns and do what might scare me (talking to other people in person).

Btw, writers don’t count.

Welcome to Nerd Land

In the spirit of this “Doing Stuff Differently” I joined some friends for a monthly game of Dungeons and Dragons, and took Hubby as a hostage teammate. I hadn’t played D&D since I was in high school so there is a learning curve. But one thing that struck me is how being an author had changed my perspective. The…

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Day 14 at Camp NaNoWriMo – Busy As A Bee

Old bold bumblebee

Okay – so bees aren’t nearly as busy as their P.R. would have you believe.

An average honeybee work in the daytime but when it is dark they sit around and get buzzed.

Now bees don’t really sleep like people do.

For starters, they don’t have eyelids to close – but they do stop moving and they do relax their muscles and even let thier antennae slump to the northwest, just a little.

Even the queen bee gets to take a break every now and then – once they’ve laid their thousand or so quota’s worth of eggs in the day.

They relax, they suck back on a little nectar and sometimes they even dance.

But then they get back to work.

I had a great weekend and I let my writing quota slump a little but I hammered out 2000 words this morning – which brings me to 28700 words – give or take. It is July 14 and I am a little more than halfway through the manuscript – and right on schedule.

So – to any guilt and bad feelings I might have for skimping a little on my quota over the weekend I say “Buzz off!”

(there is a looong old musical intro to this – but stick around for the lyrics and you get a chuckle or two)

I am an old bold bumblebee. Got a stinger twice as long as my arm. If you see my buzzing ’round you woman you know I don’t mean you any harm.

At least that is the way that I heard the song played way back when.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

If you want to follow along with me at Camp just hit this link and watch me get busy!

Day 13 at Camp NaNoWriMo – A Lull in the Storm

Some days life just seems to catch up on you and it gets in the way of your writing.

That is going to happen. Life is not something that is easily controlled.

Do not beat yourself up about it if life gets in the way so much that you miss a day of writing or just slow down on your quota.

The fact is yesterday I had just such a slowdown. I had a middle of the day shift and work that absolutely needed to be done around the house and I also wanted to spend some time with my wife – so I only got 1200 words written. The day before was only 200.

But today I managed 2000 words – which is a fine morning’s work.

Sometimes life gets in the way.

Whether you are trying to make a diet happen or trying to work out everyday on a new exercise regime or maybe – like me – you are trying to write a certain amount of words every day.


If you beat yourself up about it I guarantee that your long-term production will suffer. Guilt gives rise to self-doubt and self-doubt is their surest way to screw up your production level – WHATEVER you are trying to accomplish.

Remember – that life that keeps getting in the way of what you are trying to do?

Well – odds are that that all-too-inconvenient life stuff is exactly the same sort of stuff you are writing about. So a big old chunk of life gets in the way today – don’t freak out – because tomorrow you will pick the guts out of the life stuff and inject it into your writing.

Life isn’t in the way.

Life is the way.

Get busy, get writing – but most of all have fun.

Odds are before you know it your words will find their own wings.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon