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Day 8 at Camp NaNoWriMo – Where’d the Road Go?

Today took a little longer than I had expected.

I had an awful lot on my To-Do list – but the very first item was REACH THE 20,000 WORD MARK.

And that was what I did.

It took a little doing because I was in the middle of a couple chapters that I only had the bare bone notes for – but this is the point of the game where a fellow has to reach into his pockets and pull his perseverance out.

Now I know that you can yourself into deep trouble with the authorities if you go blatantly waving your perseverance around like that but I am rebel, just because.

Rebel Without A CauseAnd I so wish that I had the time to hunt up an old photograph of me in my old biker’s black leather jacket – but one of these days I will.

You see sometimes you just have to go hard at something with all of your might. You just set a mark and you run for it.

That is the power of setting a goal and sticking to it.

Now – because I wrote so darned much today I don’t really have the time to give you folks much of a sermon on writing but instead let me show you a scene from one of my favorite movies of all time that will give you a better idea of just what I am talking about.

(and I really wish I could have found a clip of the whole scene – but if you want to learn about perseverance sit down tonight and watch Cool Hand Luke)

I have learned everything in my life from good old movies.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon