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Day 4 at Camp NaNoWriMo – One Van Damme thing after another…

Blog ButtonI talk to a lot of folks on the Camp NaNoWriMo Facebook page and more than a few of them are getting bogged in the details.

They don’t know a name for a character.

They feel they need to go back and re-think their initial plotline.

They get bogged down editing what they wrote yesterday and end up losing momentum.

In a set-up like NaNoWriMo momentum is EVERYTHING. You have got to keep that hamster wheel turning. Every moment that the keyboard isn’t clattering productively is another lost sentence.

But it isn’t just true for NaNoWriMo. Any sort of writer – when it comes to getting that first draft manuscript down on paper has got to watch out for those momentum-sucking moments.

We all want our first draft to look as wonderfully perfect as Jean Claude Van Damme’s epic split that he performed for Volvo Trucks.

Well, remember that split doesn’t always happen as smoothly as that. Sometimes you have to take a few runs at something to get it right.

But whether get it right the first time or have to try and try again – you need two trucks and one road and a pair of expert stunt drivers before you try to accomplish this.

Got it?

You need a first draft manuscript.

You won’t ever write that perfect novel until you get that perfect mess of a first draft – from start to finish.

Think of it like making a clay sculpture. First thing you need is a big old mess of clay. When you are writing those 50,000 words you are amassing yourself a big old mess of clay.

Afterwards you can get fancy. You can revise and you can fuss – but first off you need to just get the first draft on paper.

So don’t get hung up on getting it right the first time.

Just get it done.

Here’s a few more Epic Split Epic Fails if you need you a few more giggles – but really, shouldn’t be writing right now?


I’m at the 11,500 word mark – that’s over twenty percent of the work done.

Camp NaNoWriMo has been just the ticket to help get me out of that slump that I was in. I get up every morning and I start to write. And I don’t stop until I hit that 1612 word quota – and then I write a little bit more to help get ahead because there will be days when the writing does NOT come as easily.

So right now I am just attempting to build me a little creative momentum.

This book that I am writing is aimed directly at Nimbus Publishing – my regional publisher – but come next month I intend to do the same thing over again with an independent release that I have been kicking around for awhile.

Now let me get back to my writing, would you?

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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