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Day 3 at Camp NaNoWriMo – Vengeance is Mine

If you want the recipe for this cool-but-gross-in-a-cool-kind-of-way hotdog just click on this picture and check out the foodie blog I SING IN THE KITCHEN.

If you want the recipe for this cool-but-gross-in-a-cool-kind-of-way hotdog just click on this picture and check out the foodie blog I SING IN THE KITCHEN.

Sliced my fingertip today while chopping an onion. I was a little rattled from a bad sleep last night and I expect stupid got in my eyes for just a moment. I talked with a medical professional on the phone – yes, dammit, I called my wife – and she said if it wasn’t bleeding out through the band-aid it probably didn’t need stitches.

I did lay down and doze through the afternoon and I took the night off of work. I am still a little rattled and I didn’t want to bring my jangled nerves and duct-taped pinkie finger to work on the new project that we just started.

I’m fine though – so please spare me the “poor baby” messages.

If it’s any consolation I fried that sucker of an onion along with a heaping helping of mushrooms and a half a basket of spinach.

Vengeance is mine.


Fortunately, I managed to write another 2300 words this morning – before the cooking accident.

As I said – I slept the afternoon away. Might have been a mild shock or a reaction to the poor sleep or possibly just a side-effect of the headache that this pre-hurricane weather is giving me.

Yes folks – apparently we are going to be on the receiving end of a hurricane this Saturday.

It looks as if Hurricane Arthur is on a beeline for Halifax and all along the Nova Scotia eastern shoreline. Tomorrow I am going to tie down the barbecue and put the lawn furniture into the shed. No sense taking chances. I am also going to do my laundry and make certain we’re stocked up with a few extra tins of canned beans and the like.

If we do lose power that will definitely put a ding in my writing – but one thing a fellow cannot fight is bad weather. You try to punch a hurricane in the nose and it will just blow all the harder.

So I will also try to get a little further ahead of quota in case Mother Nature decides to put me in my place. I have already performed the necessary blood sacrifice – what more could she ask for?

I’ve managed another couple of hundred words over the last hour – but my typing is considerably slowed down.


One last bit of news.

One more Halifax bookstore is closing – the United Bookstore on Barrington Street.

United Bookstore

United Bookstore – soon to disappear.


Barrington Street – for those who don’t know – used to be the main drag here in Halifax. Forty years ago when I first moved here I used to go downtown to Barrington to shop at the Woolworths and the Woolco department stores. I used to eat at the Mediterranean where they had the best breakfast in town. I saw Friday the 13th for the very first time at the Paramount Theater. And I bought about a billion used paperbacks, VHS tapes and dvd’s at the United Bookstore – not to mention the Book Room and the wonderful hoarder’s dream of a bookstore JW Doull’s.


J.W. Doull’s bookstore – no longer on Barrington Street. Used to lose myself in there regularly.

Now – all of these stores have vanished from Barrington Street with the exception of JW Doull’s which has moved to Dartmouth.

The street looks like a war zone.

I could say something political about this – but I’ve been told that city council has been looking at this problem for the last decade or so.

Maybe they need a better pair of glasses.

To make matters worse I have just found out that the Little Mysteries bookstore directly beside the United Bookstore is scheduled to close this coming August. This is no surprise to me. I knew the owner had been trying to sell the store for some time now – but with no luck.

I don’t blame her for letting the store. She has run it for about twenty years – and that is a long time to be doing the same thing everyday.

Little Mysterie

Little Mysteries bookstore.

Little Mysteries and I have a long old history together.

I worked there for about twelve years as a palm and Tarot reader.

Then – after buying a house with my wife – I decided that I needed something with a bit steadier income – which is why I now work in a cubicle – but I do look fondly back at those days and I am a little sad to see that store go as well.

The lesson here is that life changes all the time.

The only thing that stays the same are the stories we tell around our lives.

So all of you writer folk out there who are taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo – and all of you folks who just like to spin the occasional yarn – remember this.

Stories are more important than anything you care to mention.

Except maybe beer…

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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