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Day 2 at Camp NaNoWriMo – Distraction Is The Enemy

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So, Neo.

You have decided to take part in the July write-your-fool-head-off-until-your-eyes-bleed-and-yell-uncle Camp NaNoWriMo month long marathon novel writing contest.

What if I told you that farting around on Facebook ISN’T really writing?

Remember – distraction is the enemy. Do not mess around on Twitter this month. Disconnect your cell phone.

Focus, grasshopper.

Distraction is the enemy.

One word after another. Do not weaken, do not falter and stay the heck off of Facebook!


Today is my second day at Camp NaNoWriMo.

All of the other kids are teasing me on account of my beard.

I have already broken the camp record for pancake eating.

And I wrote 2100 words today – 500 more than the original quota of 1600 words.

That brings me up to 5500 words in total – and only another 44,500 to go.

Best of all, it brings tomorrow’s quota down to 1484 words.

I still intend to write about two thousand words – but it feels good knowing that my daily quota is falling because I surpass it every day.

I know – you can’t really say “everyday” when it has only been two days – but this is new ground that I am breaking. This is the first time I have attempt NaNoWriMo and I am really enjoying the experience.

I still farted around too much – but the quota is a daily gentle reminder that I need to be more diligent. I have got a lot of words in me – some of them good ones – and I just need to focus to get them out.

Wish me luck and don’t take the blue pill!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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