The Family of Writers

The Family of Writers

Does anyone else write in your family besides yourself?

Would it bother you if anyone did?

yours in storytelling

Steve Vernon

8 responses to “The Family of Writers

  1. I did get Ju to write a book before she died but actively encouraged it so at least she’d know how I felt about writing,


    • That’s beautiful, David. It’s hard for some folks to understand our passion for words – twice as hard when that person leaves too damn early – but I’m sure she had more of an inkling about you what felt no matter how she let on that she didn’t. It made you happy – and that was probably more than enough for her.


  2. I have a great uncle that has published some things, he isn’t in ebook format and if I ever see him I’m probably going to try and talk him into it. So I guess no it doesn’t bother me. Lately the idea of my daughter being a writer sounds awesome. I’ve learned so much in the last couple of years and I would be able to help guide her. lol She’s not even nine months old though so I have some time


    • Nine months isn’t too far down the road. Get them started young, I always say. See the dog. See the dog bark. See the dog bark at the cat. See the cat pull a pistol out and ventilate the dog. Rat-a-tat-tat, Mister Dog, rat-a-tat-tat.


      • lol. I do read to here several books a day and I recently got a storybook called Journey (freaking beautiful) that allows me to make up my own story for her. I will strongly encourage her while my husband is strongly encouraging her to become either a NASCAR driver or the head of Nintendo.


    • That’s great to hear. Way too many parents forget to read to their kids. It is almost as important as letting them actually SEE you reading so that they grow up thinking that this is what grown ups do for fun. We read! 🙂


  3. Love the cartoon. 🙂 To my knowledge, I’m the only person in my family who writes anything but letters. My former mother-in-law wrote a few children’s picture books that I drew illustrations for – we never did anything with them, but I’m thinking of scanning them in and publishing them, so she can see them published. We’re still close – she also self published a book of poetry through a vanity press decades ago, too.


    • That sounds like a great idea. Don’t stress about whether or not you’ll make any money from it – just think about how you could send copies to favorite friends or relatives. You never know, she might become addicted to the whole process.


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