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Writing Just Isn’t All That Hard…

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Listen, I hear from a lot of folks about how they get stuck on what to write next.

Or else how they are stuck in the middle of what they are already writing.

So I want to tell you folks that writing isn’t all that hard.


What’s the first thing you do when you meet a friend?

Do you shake their hand? Do you wave at them? Do you waggle your bottom suggestively?

(Okay, so that last approach might get me arrested)

Odds are, sooner or later, you will tell them a story.

“How are your kids?” they will ask.

Or “How is your husband?” or “How is your dog?’ or “How are your feet and ears?”

They’ll ask you a question and you will answer it with a story.

It’s just as natural as breathing. We all want to share our experiences in this life. We need another set of ears and eyes to reflect our experiences upon.

So that’s what you are doing when you sit down and write a story or a novel or a gi-normous opus of sixty-eight volumes.

You are just telling somebody a story. You don’t know that somebody yet – but they want to hear your story – so you write it down and you publish it and then a whole lot of somebody-folk out there pick that book up and read it.

Repeat after me.

Writing is just talking on paper – and whether you like it or not, odds are you are an experienced talker.

So don’t sit there staring at that empty page.

Get busy and start talking.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon