November in July – or how many Bratwursts do you need to write a novel?

Okay – so here is a confession.

I have NEVER attempted NaNoWriMo.

You know – that sausage-factory November phenomenon that everyone and his dog seems to get into these days? That you-can-write-a-novel-in-30-days fad?

Well, it isn’t a fad anymore.

The fact is – it is spreading.

July is coming up and has been selected for a sort of SUMMER CAMP NANOWRIMO session.

That’s right – you now have the month of JULY as well as the month of NOVEMBER available to write your novel in.

Depending on who you are that might be good news or it might be bad news. I’m undecided. First, the purist in me says – “Hey! Wait a minute! That isn’t November. That’s July! What’s up with that, eh?”

I mean how long before we have NaNoWriMo YEAR???

However, the writer in me says “Maybe this is something I can use.”

The fact is I am FINALLY finishing that Bigfoot novel I have been struggling with. I wrote the first paragraph of the last chapter this morning – (you cross multiply that by pi-r-squared and you will come up with the national population of Bratwurst – home of good sausage makers) – and I have got a 50,000 word novel in rough outline format.

This might be a FINE time to get involved in this novel-writing event.

What do you folks think? Should I go for it?

You want more info – read this.

Mmmm, bratwurst!

Here’s a link (not a sausage link) to an article with a bit more info about Camp NaNoWriMo.

Camp NaNoWriMo Top Tips for Success!.

And here is the sign-up page for Camp NaNoWriMo.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

5 responses to “November in July – or how many Bratwursts do you need to write a novel?

  1. I like that they’re introducing more. Eventually, they may stump up with one in a month that doesn’t have school holidays in it… I’ll definitely sign up for that one. As it is, I do it and I usually get about 30,000 words in, which is about 2,000 for each day I get to write. I think it can really help but I did find, one year, that it took my novel off in completely the wrong direction… although the fact I realised, at the end of it, might have been down to doing Nano.




    • Well, it never hurts to light a fire beneath one’s writing butt – and Lord knows with the kind of cold spring we’ve been having I sure could use a little fire. 🙂


      • Jeez yes. We’re all feeling for you guys, over here, after a run of evil winters and then our over winter submersion… but at least it wasn’t cold.




  2. It’s a bit too much like writing to order – like being back at school, or in a writing workshop – and being told, “Now – write!” It brings out the Natural Orneriness in me. Just can’t do it.


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