Follow-up on Moncton

Well, they caught him.

They cornered him and he put up his hands and dropped his guns and said “I’m done.”

If you want to read about it here’s a link to the Globe and Mail. They seem to have a good solid coverage of the event.

It will be all over the internet as well if you really want to dig into it.

As for me, I have said my say and I’ll let it all go. Like I said, I am not a politically minded man. I just felt moved enough yesterday to put it down in words.

I will say this.

I don’t believe my words should be treated as any sort of gospel. It is just what I felt and what I figured.

I am no Solomon.

I think that’s where most of the problems of this world begin. Once you begin treating any one person’s thoughts as a gospel or a creed or a reason to live you are beginning to court trouble.

Once you begin taking those thoughts and opinions as gospel enough to warrant the outright enforcement of such a belief you step right into the realm of the deep doo-doo.

That’s how Crusades and jihads and Holy Wars in all their many evil forms get started. Just as soon as one person says something along the lines of “You don’t know what you are talking about and I’m going to make you see it differently” you are asking for a nuclear arm wrestling match.

The truth is we won’t ever step out of this dark age until the entire human race can figure out how to just do their own thing without hurting other people or worrying what other people are doing – just so long as nobody gets hurt.

I know this is naive.

I know this isn’t realistic.

Too bad.

I am just a dude who has figured out how to make a half of a half of a half of a living off of my ability to make stuff up.

In my opinion the pagans come closest to getting it right when they say “Above all else do no harm.”

But even then, I have heard way too many pagans going on about how mean and twisted and misguided those poor foolish Christians are – and right away we are back in that trap of “maybe if I hit you on the head with this stick you will change your way of thinking and agree that I most certainly have the only way of looking at things.”

So I am going to close the door on this discussion and let it go. Thanks to all those good folks who took a look at my blog and heard me out.

Keep a grin on. Life looks better that way.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

7 responses to “Follow-up on Moncton

  1. When I heard this morning the shooter was caught … oh, what a relief! I am so glad no one else was hurt or killed. This will be one of those tragic events to be studied and remembered and talked about for years to come, especially on the anniversary of that day.
    It’s time for something wonderful to remember for years, don’t you think?


  2. I get cha! Now I’m off to write a story. I’ve found it’s relaxing making up stuff. 🙂



  3. I think the Pagans may say ‘Poor misguided Christians’ but they”re none to interested in changing their minds. It’s a case of live and let live Steve.
    I’m glad this man has been caught. I hope he’ll pay for his crimes and never taste freedom again.


  4. I think the hitting on the head with the stick is not a conversion technique. It is so there is one less “non-believer”.


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