Top 5 Asinine Excuses For Not Writing

I probably ought to be writing right now – so instead of writing up a brand new blog entry why don’t I just point you at Tara Sparling’s informative blog.

I have got to agree that the whole procrastination thing is awfully seductive sometimes. It is a like a big old shady tree on a hot summer day that whispers to you – “Come on over here and sit down under this shade and just rest a while and maybe I’ll drop a few ticks on you while you are resting in that patch of poison oak and maybe if you’re lucky you might catch Lyme Disease and then you’ll really have a reason to just lie around and not do anything.

Either that or I might just fall on you three or four times before you even get the chance to write down the word “timber”.

Tara Sparling writes

Good Friday, gentlepersons.

I’m ending this working week with my top 5 excuses for not writing. Perversely, they include, well, work. But that’s not the point. Because I have so many writing projects I intended to have finished by now, and my success rate is only marginally better than that of an Irishman at a speed dating event for taller-than-average Dutch people.

And although not one of these excuses is allowable, I attempt to defend each of them because if I didn’t, I would actually have to write something useful.

1. The Day Job

I spend 97.985% of my working day at the moment buried in spreadsheets which contain thousands of teeny tiny moving parts. My eyes are like Cookie Monster’s by the time 5pm lopes around. I can barely focus on TV property shows at night, let alone a pile of text.

2. The Blog

My creative brain only appears to work in short bursts right now. So if…

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