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Writing Wisdom from my Wife

My wife, Belinda, made us a proper Victoria Day lunch. Lamb kidney – an old school British dish that would have fit right in on the table of the dining room of Downtown Abbey.


Lamb Kidney









Lamb kidneys, beefsteak tomatoes, onions, chives, fresh mint and American bacon served with a proper slab of toast.

(And to all of you folks out there who are cringing and going on and saying “Ewww, kidneys.” – hush up and mind your manners. This was real food – the way that real people ate – long before organic bananas and cheeseburgers and fofu – (which is tofu made without cruelty to soybeans)

A lot of folks don’t realize but my wife – who has taught bellydance for about thirty years – was a red seal chef for several years before that. She cooked at the Lord Nelson back when the Lord Nelson Hotel was considered one of the finest hotels in Halifax. She cooked at the Silver Spoon Cafe – where she created some of the finest chocolate truffles in the province. She cooked tavern fare at Winston’s and several other restaurants in town.

People who have known my wife for many years see her only as a dancer. They do not see her other skills and talents.

Now she is heading towards a third brand new career as a medical administrator. She has completed a year in community college and is already serving her work term in the local hospital. You see her now and you would think of her as being a smart and efficient office worker. You wouldn’t see the chef or the professional dancer.

People are complicated creations. It is a great mistake to take any of them at face value.

You just take a look around you.

There are probably just as many people that you know who have intriguing and unexpected back story.

That’s right – I am using a writer’s term “back story” – because that is what I am – a writer.

Some folks look at me and they don’t see the fellow who used to heave around furniture and empty out eighteen wheelers. They don’t see the woodworker or the house painter or the militia man or the tree planter. They don’t see the palm reader or the poet or the fellow who used to make money as an artist’s model.

People are complicated.

“We are built like disco balls,” my wife told me once. “Each of us possess many facets and we glimmer and reflect in our own kind of way.”

You think about that the very next time you sit down and try and squeeze a character out of your pen.

(and I know that most of you do your writing on the keyboard same as me – but somehow the idea of squeezing a character out of a keyboard does not seem nearly as poetic or powerful an image as squeezing one out of a pen – so there it is.)

Nobody is all good or all bad or all funny.

People are complicated.

Your characters ought to be as well.


And before I let you go – here’s an Anderson Live episode showcasing the cast of Downton Abbey.

Here’s part one of the episode.

And here is part two of the episode.

Happy Victoria Day!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

Promoting Tips for Indie Writers…

The problem with e-books is that they are way too virtual. You can’t really carry them around with you and display them on tables and wave them in potential readers faces without going to the clunky bother of hauling out your e-reader and pulling the e-book out for them to see.

So a few weeks ago I ordered business cards from Vistaprint.

business card





Now I know that is a pretty basic design. In fact, at my last book signing a young graphic designer tried to pitch me with his own design. I told him that I was operating on a Kool-Aid stand budget. I told him that I was one of the last creative do-it-yourself pioneers.

I told him that I was cheap.

He was impressed by my use of the QR – that funky little square that looks a little like that television you bought from the dude in the leather jacket on the street corner outside the bowling alley, last Thursday night. If you scan that QR it will take you directly to the Kobo page that lists all of my Kobo releases.

To see what I mean just try clicking that picture of the business card for an instant demonstration.

Now – in hindsight I really should have paid the extra few dollars for a double-sided business card – and then I could have put a QR for my Kindle releases as well.

Ah well. Hindsight is really only good for looking out of that hole in the seat of your favorite blue jeans.

Now I know that some of you folks who regularly follow my blog will point out that I already mentioned this business card in an earlier blog entry – but some things bear repeating – like those cucumbers in last night’s Greek salad.

Ah, cucumbers – the gift that keeps on giving.

Another tool that indie writers should never forget is Twitter.

Yes, even old farts like me can Twitter.

Now – a lot of folks will tell you that you CAN’T sell books on Twitter.

And they’re right. Let’s face it – you can’t sell books ANYWHERE. The darned things just sit there and refuse to be bought. But what you can do on Twitter is to entertain folks, give them a giggle or two, enlighten them just a little and maybe along the way draw just a little bit of attention to your e-books.

That’s where books sell, after all.

Books sell in the imagination. You’ve got to get your potential readers thinking about your books. Plant the notion in their brain – “Hmm, I like reading Steve Vernon’s blog entries and I even like reading his Tweets – might be I might ACTUALLY enjoy reading one of his books.”

If you scatter enough of those seeds before you know it they’ll start sprouting up like so many cucumbers in the dirt.

Seriously – as all of you gardeners know – NOTHING grows faster than cucumbers – unless you’re talking radishes and I don’t think I’ve met anyone in the world who eats radishes, except for my granddad who loved those funky little red burp-factories.

Remember – don’t misspell in your tweets and blog entries. There is NOTHING that says “this dude can’t write” than misspelling and/or misusing a necessary bit of the English language.

And do not fall back on “text-speak”.

I do NOT want to see any of you folks tweeting out something like

“Seriously U ought 2 BI MY BOOKS, DUDES!”


Now - if you click THIS cartoon it will take you to an earlier blog entry I wrote - NINE RULES FOR EFFECTIVE TWEETING - IN TWEETS!

Now – if you click THIS cartoon it will take you to an earlier blog entry I wrote – NINE RULES FOR EFFECTIVE TWEETING – IN TWEETS!

(Note – I borrowed the cartoon from a blog entry written by UK author/blogger Terry Tyler. You might want to check out what she has to say about the Tweeting of writers in her blog.)

Remember – at the end of the day an indie writer must learn how to channel the marketing-moxie and shameless carnival-huckster-chutzpah of William Shatner.

Now get out there and plant those cucumber seeds!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon



A Beginner’s Guide To… Godzilla

All right – so let’s step away from the two-fisted, bare-knuckled, hard-boiled, buy-my-book-marketing-maniac blog entries and throw in something really freaking geeky cool.

Confession – I have ALWAYS been a bit of a Godzilla geek.

No – I cannot tell you how many Godzilla movies there are. Nor can I tell you when they were made and what Godzilla movie made the most money – although I can tell you that the 1988 Roland Emmerich atrocity TOTALLY bit the big one.

But I have ALWAYS loved Godzilla.

He’s a dragon.

He’s a dinosaur.

He’s a radioactive, fire-breathing dragon/dinosaur who steps on tanks!!!

So here’s a reblog from ONE ROOM WITH A VIEW – a really cool movie blog site that you folks all REALLY ought to be following on the history of the big G himself, old Godzilla.

Have a happy Sunday.

One Room With A View


With Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla reboot roaring its way to cinema screens, ORWAV takes you on a rampage through 60 years of history and 29 films featuring the King of the Monsters.

Godzilla. He may be known as the King of the Monsters but his name conjures up images of the divine. It’s a fitting name, as few creations have wreaked more vengeance, despoiled more cities and brought down as many foes as this towering, unstoppable force. But travel back sixty years, through remakes, reboots and sequels, the camp, the cool and the downright crazy, and you arrive at the film that started it all; 1954’s Gojira.

Directed by Ishirō Honda for the legendary Toho Studios, Gojira was a political statement masquerading as a monster movie. The black and white photography shrouded the creature is darkness, evoking horror movies with its bleak tone and haunting imagery of ruined cities. At…

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Kobo Reviews Coming Soon…

Let’s face it – reviews help to sell books.

Just think about it. You’re standing in the book store trying to decide if the brand new book of pickled pig feet recipes is REALLY worth pulling the money out of your pocket and purchasing and your very best friend walks up to you and says

“Oh, are you buying a copy of UNCLE BOB’S PICKLED PIG FEET RECIPES? I bought a copy and I absolutely loved it!”

Right off the bat you’d buy a copy of your own.

Or else you’d ask your friend if you could borrow and photocopy her copy – but do you REALLY want to be THAT kind of a friend?

I’ve been really excited to hear that Kobo was instituting a brand new review system for their e-books. Folks who have been using Kobo for a while know that they used to link to the Goodreads review site – but discontinued that shortly after Goodreads was bought out by Amazon.

I had known this was coming for some time now but I’ve been waiting for Kobo to make it official.

Well – it is official now.

In the near future, Kobo will begin featuring book reviews! Customers will be able to write reviews and choose star ratings for your titles and post them on the book page.

That’s right. If you have read a book on Kobo you can write a review on it.

Here’s how: 

So – if any of you folks out there have read and enjoyed one of my books – PLEASE, feel free to leave me a review!

That goes for

Tatterdemon OmnibusSudden Death Overtime - final art smallSinking Deeper New CoverUncle Bob's Red Flannel Bible Camp - From Eden to the ArkHaunted Harbours smallHammurabi Road newthe Lunenburg Werewolf fullsizeTrolling Lures FullsizeThe Dark and the DeepSeaTalesBuilt For Hanging On











Just click on one of those covers and leave a review!

You can read the official Kobo announcement right here!


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

A book signing is what you make of it!

I just got back from my book signing at the Scotia Square Coles outlet – and it was a good signing and a bad one – and I’ll tell you why.

For starters, it was a fine and sunny day.

Unfortunately, that is NOT optimal book signing weather. For a good book signing you want to have somewhat gray weather. Drizzly is even better. Not pouring down hard enough to keep folks at home – but just dank and drizzly to make them itchy for the malls and – more important – for the bookstores.

So when I set out this morning I knew that it wasn’t going to be a good book signing.

Now I could have moped around and complained to whoever would listen – and how many people are out there in the world who really want to listen to some old fart writer moping and groaning about how there wasn’t enough people out there to buy his books.

Answer – not many.

So I started planning on how I was going to make this a GOOD book signing.

Well – it was sunny so right away I planned an avenue of approach that would lead me past the Bud The Spud french fry truck.

Right off the bat things started to look a little cheerier.

I hadn’t had any street fries for several months and it was the absolute perfect day for it.

Let’s get a little closer look here, shall we?

That’s what I’m talking about.

Fresh greasy french fries splashed with vinegar and a vigorous shaking of salt.

Then I slowly ambled towards Scotia Square, nibbling away at my french fries, smiling amiably at those folks who walked by me drooling on the sidewalk pavement wishing that they were big enough to take those Bud the Spud french fries away from me.

Somebody could have, I suppose – but I would not recommend trying it.

I am awfully protective about my french fries.

The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been a bottle of good root beer – or maybe some cold Dr. Pepper – but I knew that I had other refreshments in mind.

I got to the bookstore and the first thing the bookstore clerk asked me was if I wanted a coffee.

“Coffee is always good,” I told her. “Bring it to me, black and hot.”

“Do you want Starbucks or Tim Horton’s?” she asked.

“Tim Horton’s doesn’t make coffee,” I replied.

(and if there are any Tim Horton’s fans out there I apologize – but I have always found that their coffee was bitter with a funky weird chicken soup aftertaste that I never learned to care for)

“Vene, vidi, or vici?” she asked me.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I like Starbucks coffee but I have never learned to speak their language. Just tell them to put it in a bucket and I’ll be a happy writer.”

She came back with her bucket of Starbuck’s dark roasted coffee and I sat there and happily sipped on it while doing my best to look like some beacon of book-buying splendor.

I’m not saying it was easy.

First customer came up to me said that she was looking for a book for her uncle.

“He retired this year,” she said. “And he is driving my aunt crazy. I want to buy him a book but he doesn’t read novels. He has no patience for long distance – when it comes to reading he is strictly a sprinter.”

“You are looking for a potato chip read,” I said. “Something with stories that he can crunch up.”

“I am looking for bathroom reading,” she said. “Something to pass the time between the squat and the flush.”

All right – so I am embellishing this dialogue somewhat.

I am a writer, after all. People pay me to make stuff up.


She bought him a copy of MARITIME MURDER.

If you click this picture it will take you the Kindle version of MARITIME MURDER. It is also available in Kobo, Nook or honest-to-Moses paperback. I'd put up a clickable picture for each of them but I have taken a sacred vow to help preserve our virtual forests and to abstain from over-spamming this blog page.

If you click this picture it will take you the Kindle version of MARITIME MURDER. It is also available in Kobo, Nook or honest-to-Moses paperback. I’d put up a clickable picture for each of them but I have taken a sacred vow to help preserve our virtual forests and to abstain from over-spamming this blog page.

I wound up selling about three or four books.

I lost count along the way.

Then I signed the rest of my books at my table and headed home. The sun was still shining so I walked from Scotia Square to my home which is just off Mumford. Probably took me an hour – but I stopped at Staples on the way home – which is a writer’s version of a strip club.

The sun was shining. I grinned at a dog or two. I felt good walking home, maybe even burning off one or two of those street fries. I even felt good about knowing that I had helped ease that aunt’s sanity by giving her recently-retired husband some good and honest bathroom reading.

That’s how you make a bad book signing into a good one.

In fact, that is how you turn a bad ANYTHING into something good.

You’ve just got to learn how to grin at it, is all.

Never mind staring at the shadows in life – get out there and focus on the sunshine.

Life is too good to be wasted moping around.

yours in storytelling

Steve Vernon


Kobo Discount Promo Code – Grab it Now!

If you are like me you look for the sales flyers in the newspaper every week.

“What are you cooking for the weekend?” your kids will ask.

“Wait and see,” you will reply – but in the back of your mind you are thinking that it will all depend on whether pork, beef or chicken is on sale.

If not, there is always Hamburger Helper.


All right – so I took a shot at Hamburger Helper for the sake of a giggle – but l have to admit that I actually like the stuff. It isn’t fancy and it isn’t healthy but you throw some ketchup on that and I am in pig heaven!!!

Well Kobo doesn’t sell pork chops – but they are offering a deep discount thirty percent off of my full length horror novel TATTERDEMON running from May 15 to May 22 in the USA, the UK and AUSTRALIA and from May 20-30 here in CANADA.

All that you have to do is to swing on over to your Kobo site and pull up this thunderously huge page full of sales books!!!

(The Writer Store was having a big sale on exclamation points so I thought I’d stock up!!!)

Then – after you’ve clicked BUY NOW it will take you to the Checkout screen where you can add the Promo Code to save 30 percent.

The promo code is – stockup30

Simple as that.

And hey – did you also realize that you can use PAYPAL on your Kobo order? It gives you this option when you first set up your Kobo customer account – BUT, if you have already set up your account just hit that EDIT INFO tab and add your PayPal.

Now that is an advantage that KOBO really ought to brag about. Amazon has dragged their heels on getting hooked up with Paypal – primarily I expect Paypal is owned by E-Bay. Personally, I’m a little surprised that Amazon hasn’t tried to buy PayPal – but maybe they have and just never told me about it.


In any case – use that promo code to buy the TATTERDEMON omnibus for 30% off and I will come and jump up and down upon your front lawn singing Zippadeedoodaw-Zippadeeay.

Tatterdemon Omnibus


You can use that Kobo promo code to buy yourself a copy of UNCLE BOB’S RED FLANNEL BIBLE CAMP – FROM BABEL TO THE BULLRUSHES for 30 percent off right now and I will likewise come and jump up and down upon your front lawn singing Zippadeedoodaw-Zippadeeay.

Uncle Bob's Babel BabyOR

You can buy both of them using that thirty percent off promo code and I promise NOT to come and sing.

Now that’s a bargain if I ever heard one!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


Some good news – a brand new review

Well, I have had a bit of trouble in gathering reviews for my new Uncle Bob series – although I am hoping that the books I moved during that Countdown promotion last week will result in a few more.

I was VERY happy to read this review. You ought to read it too!

I’ll tell you folks all about the difficulties I have had with gathering Uncle Bob reviews in a day or so – but for now let me tell you it’s been interesting.

If you want to read a bit more about gathering reviews check this blog entry of mine out.

Wile E. Coyote Genius

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


Taking that left turn at Albequerque – or how to deal with hockey mouth

I’m a pretty good cook. I don’t pretend to be fancy but I get by all right in the kitchen.

Except every now and then I hit a speedbump like this morning.

I got up out of bed. I had a bag of mushrooms and a package of bratwurst smoked sausage.

For starters I scissored open that package of sausage just a little too close to that nifty little plastic ziplock – turning what was originally a technological wonder – that is, a package of sausages that can reseal themselves, into a bag with a hole in it and a half a dozen sausages.

So I swore a little, quietly, but I cut myself some slack. What the heck. It was early in the morning.  Besides, there were no witnesses. Even the cat was still asleep.

So I sliced the sausages and the mushrooms – managing not to slice any fingers – which in hindsight was a wonderful achievement.

I chopped an onion as well. Then I reached into the cupboard for that long skinny bottle of olive oil and I poured it into the fry pan. Funny thing was that olive oil smelled just like balsamic vinegar – which ALSO comes in a long skinny bottle.

I cursed a little bit more again – but hey, no witnesses, no shame in two goof-ups.

So I wiped the pan and reached into the cupboard and grabbed that long skinny bottle of olive oil and poured it into the freshly-wiped pan – only this time the olive oil smelled like cider vinegar.

Never mind the cursing.

This time I just swore loudly.

My sinuses were awfully clear by then – what with all of those vinegar fumes and maybe it was those clear sinuses that allowed me to successfully grab the long skinny bottle of olive oil.

Hey, third time is the charm.

So then I fried up the whole mess and buttered me a cheese roll and scarfed down half a pan full of sausage and mushroom and onion. I had peppers in the fridge and in hindsight I decided I should sliced a pepper as well – but you know what they say about hindsight – about the only thing it’s good for is aiming your farts.

Afterwards I took the remainder and dumped it onto a big old tortilla and made me a wrap – which I left on the counter before I headed to work.

By the time I got home from work that delicious sausage wrap was smelling awfully funny.

It didn’t help that I also forgot my dental bridge which meant I worked all day with a grin that looked a little like the wrong end of a body check crossed with a picket fence that had more than a half a dozen pickets kicked out along the way.

I’m not saying it was pretty.

But I will say this.

Sometimes stupid just gets in your eyes.


A similar circumstance occurred this Saturday at my Bayers Lake signing. It turned out the bookstore was putting on a big Mothers Day promotion. The deal was they would hand out coupons that you would take to the cash register and – if you had bought a greeting card along with your books and such – they would then scan that coupon and determine how much of a discount you got. The discount ran from 5% to 100% off of your purchase – so it could turn out to be a pretty good deal – and they did sell one heck of a lot of greeting cards that day.

Now I wasn’t mad about that. I understand that retailers have to create those sort of promotions in order to stay in business – just the same way as I often offer promotions on my e-books.

(and no, I am not going to stoop to advertising my latest promotion)

However it was a little distressing that while I was sitting there at my table about ten feet from the entrance to the bookstore two or three clerks were standing about six feet from the door handing out Mother’s Day coupons. Which meant that I was – to all intents and purposes – wearing an H.G. Wells cloak of invisibility.

I could have been sitting back home in my easy chair and I might have sold more books.

That sort of thing happens in any sort of a gig. There is always going to be that certain element of unpredictability. You set out to head to Pismo Beach (and all the clams you can eat) and you miss one single stupid left turn at Albequerque and before you know it you’re sitting at work without a sausage wrap or your proper grin.

The same thing happens in indie publishing. You write yourself a book and you put it out there and you wait to see those numbers climb and the sales to hit a world-shaking velocity – and there’s nothing but tumbleweeds blowing on down the heart of your author’s page and maybe a few lonely crickets squeaking out their bitter dreams of getting their cricket-funk on with a lovely lady cricket and all you can do is sit there and do your very best to grin.

Don’t let that Albuquerque detour set you too far back.

Sooner or later all of us get hit with a bad case of hockey mouth.

You click this hockey player and it will take you to my hockey-vampire novella – available on Kobo.

Or if you're a Kindle-user you can pick it up on Kindle as well. Only 99cents today.

Or if you’re a Kindle-user you can pick it up on Kindle as well. Only 99cents today.

(hey – I didn’t say there wasn’t going to be a commercial, now did I?)

yours in storytelling

Steve Vernon


I discover business cards at the Halifax Shopping Centre Coles…

Last night I had a wonderful time signing books at the Halifax Shopping Centre Coles.

I always enjoy going out to signings and meeting folks who want to buy my books. It’s a really unique experience. You’ve got to remember – being a writer is a job with a serious lack of actual personal feedback. Unless you count the times the cat comes into your office, asking to be fed.

My cat, Kismet.

My cat, Kismet.

As I have mentioned, Mother’s Day weekend is ALWAYS a good time to sell books. And I always seem to have pretty good luck signing my books at the Halifax Shopping Centre.

Coles Halifax Shopping Centre

The fact that I actually live across the street from the mall means that I frequently walk by the bookstore – and when I say “walk” by I actually mean “walk into” and when I say “walk into” I actually mean “walk in and BUY”.

Yes folks – my name is Steve Vernon and I AM a book addict.

I talked to a lot of cool and interesting people and sold about a dozen books. My big seller was Halifax Haunts, followed by Maritime Murder – but I also sold copies of Haunted Harbours, The Lunenburg Werewolf, and EVEN sold a copy of my children’s picture book Maritime Monsters.

Maritime Monsters

Today I will be signing at the Chain Lake Chapters from 12 noon to 2pm. I hope to see some of you folks there.


I also got a chance to try out my new secret weapon – my business card.

I know, I know – you are reading this right now and you are wondering just WHEN this bearded dude actually thought he discovered business cards.

Hi - my name is Steve Vernon and I was born in the days when giant prehistoric beaver walked the earth.

Hi – my name is Steve Vernon and I was born in the days when giant prehistoric beaver walked the earth.

Back in the beginning of April I took part in a local Book Fair with about thirty other authors and I talked to all of them – including Kobo guru Mark Leslie Lefebvre and ALL of them had business cards.

So I went home from that Book Fair and order a box of business cards from Vistaprint. I chose Vistaprint after taking a short intensive survey with each of the writers I talked to that went something like this…

Steve – “So where did you get your business card printed?”

Author 1 – “Vistaprint.”

Steve – “So where did YOU get your business card printed?”

Author 2 – “Vistaprint.”

Steve – “So WHERE did YOU get your business card printed?”

Author 3 – “Didn’t you just hear those first two authors? Are you stupid or do you just have a build-up of wax in your ears? I got my business card printed at Vistaprint.”

So I took a hint and went home and Googled up “Vistaprint” and came up with the business card you see below.

business cardI am really excited about discovering business cards. I think they might actually catch on with other folks. Mark my words – before you can say “obvious”, nearly every self-employed writer in North America and the known world is going to start carrying business cards.

All kidding aside I am REALLY excited about this simple idea.

You see – I have been trying for a very long time to bring the two facets of my writing together. As a traditionally-published author I can see my books in bookstores right across the Maritimes and Canada.

And, as an indie author I can see my self-published books in Kobo and Kindle and e-book distributors across the world.

But the two realms rarely mix.

I’d like to change that.

I’d like to be able to simultaneously promote both my independently-published work as well as my Nimbus books – and I am hoping this business card is one step towards making that dream a reality.

Best thing is that if you scan that funky-looking square with your smartphone (it’s called a QR or QUICK RESPONSE) it will take you DIRECTLY to my Kobo page where you can see all of my Kobo releases – independent and traditional alike.

This isn’t rocket science. In fact I had been thinking about it for some time now but had never got around to doing it.

So that’s what I want you to get out of this blog entry. Stop trying to get around to doing things and TAKE ACTION NOW!


Lastly, let me get you up to speed on my Kindle Countdown Promotion for UNCLE BOB’S RED FLANNEL BIBLE CAMP – THE BOOK OF GENESIS.

Click this cover to order UNCLE BOB’S BOOK OF GENESIS at for only NINETY-NINE CENTS this weekend!

The book is now sitting at #70,572 ranking and the promotion ends this Monday. I’ve sold 35 copies over the last five days – which isn’t bad at all.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


Uncle Bob’s Kindle Countdown Promotion – Part Six

Thirty-two copies sold, so far.

Yesterday I felt a little discouraged but I woke up this morning and kicked myself in the butt – which is a maneuver that all of you writers out there ought to practice regularly. Take yoga classes if you need to, in order to develop the necessary degree of flexibility.

The fact is thirty-two copies sold in three days really doesn’t need to be that much of a tragedy. That is still respectable numbers and it represents thirty-two potential Steve Vernon lifetime fans.

Writing is a long game. I’ve been at it for about forty years – from back when I used to have to save up American postage for SASE – (that’s self-addressed-stamped-envelope for all of you in the digital generation) – and it has NEVER been an easy gig.

I don’t expect it ever will be.

So – if you folks out there who are reading along take nothing from else from this blog series – take this single nugget of wisdom.

If that helped your day out one little bit why not spend a dollar – which is how much UNCLE BOB’S BOOK OF GENESIS will cost you if you buy it before the weekend is up.

Dang, how did this get here?

Click this cover to order UNCLE BOB’S BOOK OF GENESIS at

If that DIDN’T really help you – or if you DON’T have a dollar to spare grab this freebie right now and it won’t cost you a single cent.

The Dark and the Deep

Remember…there may come a day when your courage as a writer will fail – BUT…

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon