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Amazon Launches Short Reads

I still do better at Kobo than I do at Amazon – but that doesn’t negate the fact that Amazon is definitely the 500 pound gorilla in the chimpanzee tent – so I keep a close eye on what Amazon is up to.

Just today they announced a brand new section of the Kindle store dedicated entirely to short stories and quick reads. I think this is a great idea. Whether or not they can run with it is another question entirely.

Only time will tell.

Still, there is a market out there for short stories. You can read a short story on a bus ride to work. You can read a short story before you go to bed. You can read a short story in the doctor’s office. Heck, you can even read a short story while sitting on the throne.

There are readers of all shapes and sizes out there. Some folks are looking for t-bone books while others are hungry for a cheeseburger read. Short stories are the potato chips and candy of the e-book world. They taste great without filling you up. There is very little commitment involved. Reading a short story is a little like speed-dating. You like that story you might want to hunt up a novel and take it out to dinner and maybe even get lucky with it if you play your cards right.

I write short stories because I like to read short stories – and you should ALWAYS write what you like to read.

Which is why I will most likely NEVER write a parlor mystery.

If you want to read more about the Amazon Short Reads section swing on over to the DIGITAL READER – which you really ought to be following anyways – and read all about it.

You might also want to check out kboards – which you likewise ought to be following – as they have an entire multi-page forum thread dedicated to this particular topic.

And – because a day without spam is like a day without sunshine why don’t I advertise one of my own short reads. Pick this up today and I’ll come home tonight from my night shift and grin out loud.

We writers are such a needy lot!



Just click this picture and pick this short story up at Kindle for 99cents.

Just click this picture and pick this short story up at Kindle for 99cents.

Or – if you have a Kobo – pick this up NOW for $0.99! 🙂


Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon