A Beginner’s Guide To… Godzilla

All right – so let’s step away from the two-fisted, bare-knuckled, hard-boiled, buy-my-book-marketing-maniac blog entries and throw in something really freaking geeky cool.

Confession – I have ALWAYS been a bit of a Godzilla geek.

No – I cannot tell you how many Godzilla movies there are. Nor can I tell you when they were made and what Godzilla movie made the most money – although I can tell you that the 1988 Roland Emmerich atrocity TOTALLY bit the big one.

But I have ALWAYS loved Godzilla.

He’s a dragon.

He’s a dinosaur.

He’s a radioactive, fire-breathing dragon/dinosaur who steps on tanks!!!

So here’s a reblog from ONE ROOM WITH A VIEW – a really cool movie blog site that you folks all REALLY ought to be following on the history of the big G himself, old Godzilla.

Have a happy Sunday.

One Room With A View


With Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla reboot roaring its way to cinema screens, ORWAV takes you on a rampage through 60 years of history and 29 films featuring the King of the Monsters.

Godzilla. He may be known as the King of the Monsters but his name conjures up images of the divine. It’s a fitting name, as few creations have wreaked more vengeance, despoiled more cities and brought down as many foes as this towering, unstoppable force. But travel back sixty years, through remakes, reboots and sequels, the camp, the cool and the downright crazy, and you arrive at the film that started it all; 1954’s Gojira.

Directed by Ishirō Honda for the legendary Toho Studios, Gojira was a political statement masquerading as a monster movie. The black and white photography shrouded the creature is darkness, evoking horror movies with its bleak tone and haunting imagery of ruined cities. At…

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