Kobo Discount Promo Code – Grab it Now!

If you are like me you look for the sales flyers in the newspaper every week.

“What are you cooking for the weekend?” your kids will ask.

“Wait and see,” you will reply – but in the back of your mind you are thinking that it will all depend on whether pork, beef or chicken is on sale.

If not, there is always Hamburger Helper.


All right – so I took a shot at Hamburger Helper for the sake of a giggle – but l have to admit that I actually like the stuff. It isn’t fancy and it isn’t healthy but you throw some ketchup on that and I am in pig heaven!!!

Well Kobo doesn’t sell pork chops – but they are offering a deep discount thirty percent off of my full length horror novel TATTERDEMON running from May 15 to May 22 in the USA, the UK and AUSTRALIA and from May 20-30 here in CANADA.

All that you have to do is to swing on over to your Kobo site and pull up this thunderously huge page full of sales books!!!

(The Writer Store was having a big sale on exclamation points so I thought I’d stock up!!!)

Then – after you’ve clicked BUY NOW it will take you to the Checkout screen where you can add the Promo Code to save 30 percent.

The promo code is – stockup30

Simple as that.

And hey – did you also realize that you can use PAYPAL on your Kobo order? It gives you this option when you first set up your Kobo customer account – BUT, if you have already set up your account just hit that EDIT INFO tab and add your PayPal.

Now that is an advantage that KOBO really ought to brag about. Amazon has dragged their heels on getting hooked up with Paypal – primarily I expect Paypal is owned by E-Bay. Personally, I’m a little surprised that Amazon hasn’t tried to buy PayPal – but maybe they have and just never told me about it.


In any case – use that promo code to buy the TATTERDEMON omnibus for 30% off and I will come and jump up and down upon your front lawn singing Zippadeedoodaw-Zippadeeay.

Tatterdemon Omnibus


You can use that Kobo promo code to buy yourself a copy of UNCLE BOB’S RED FLANNEL BIBLE CAMP – FROM BABEL TO THE BULLRUSHES for 30 percent off right now and I will likewise come and jump up and down upon your front lawn singing Zippadeedoodaw-Zippadeeay.

Uncle Bob's Babel BabyOR

You can buy both of them using that thirty percent off promo code and I promise NOT to come and sing.

Now that’s a bargain if I ever heard one!

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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