Uncle Bob’s Kindle Countdown Starts Today – Part One

For those folks who have been following my blog you know that I am CONSTANTLY looking for new ways to promote my e-book sales.

I’ve been waiting a while for the right book to jump into the Kindle Countdown with and I believe that UNCLE BOB’S RED FLANNEL BIBLE CAMP – THE BOOK OF GENESIS is the one that will do the trick.

You can read a bit more about my initial promotional efforts as well as an excerpt from the book itself right here!

The thing about countdown is that it hinges upon the time you set it up for – so it is important to time your promotions wisely.

My UK promotion is now live. The book is listed at GBP 0.99 (going up to GBP 1.99 in 2 days).

Click this cover to order UNCLE BOB'S BOOK OF GENESIS at Amazon.co.uk

Click this cover to order UNCLE BOB’S BOOK OF GENESIS at Amazon.co.uk

The US listing should go live later today – I believe around noontime or so.

Click this cover to order UNCLE BOB'S BOOK OF GENESIS at Amazon.com

Click this cover to order UNCLE BOB’S BOOK OF GENESIS at Amazon.com

For those folks who are following my promotional efforts with professional interest you might want to know that I just signed up for a FIVERR promotion through DBS PUBLISHING.

Here’s their link.

You have to be careful dealing with FIVERR. There is a great deal of companies that are nothing more than scammers trying to pry a few fins from out of the fists of unfortunate indie authors – however, this particular service came highly recommended by the good folks of Kboards.

Here’s the link to the Kboards thread I refer to.

If you use them for one of your releases, please mention where you heard of it from.

I’d appreciate ANY sharing and tweeting and mentioning on Facebook of this Kindle Countdown promotion I have got going all week long. Heck, if you want to scribble it down on the bathroom walls at work, that might do as well.

One final word about paying for promotion. I have a couple of sources of Paypal income that trickles in every month or so and I keep that Paypal income STRICTLY for promotion. I don’t have it hooked to a bank account, so I can’t readily withdraw it, so I have to come to look upon it as virtual money and I use it to pay for my covers and my promotion. It is well and good to spend a little money to attract attention and hopefully sales to your latest promotion – but bear in mind every dollar spent ought to net you some kind of profit – so don’t blow the piggy bank on this, friends and neighbors.

Darn piggy bank will only over and smoke a cigarette afterwards without a trace of gratitude and while there is nothing wrong at all with smoked pork  it is better to aim for a profit.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


4 responses to “Uncle Bob’s Kindle Countdown Starts Today – Part One

  1. Looks interesting looking forward to seeing how it works out. If you mention you saw the thread on kb he’s offering a 10 dollar package for 5.




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