Uncle Bob’s Kindle Countdown – Part Three

Anybody out there catch THE RETURNED on the Space Network?

Belinda and I watched the first episode tonight on our DVR. It is TOTALLY creepy and I am enjoying the fact that it is in French, with subtitles. Less banal Hollywood dialogue this way.

We’ll have to watch the second episode tomorrow night. I definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys intelligent creepy storytelling.


The Returned

As for the e-book promotion, things continue to move well.

As of tonight I have sold 10 copies of UNCLE BOB’S RED FLANNEL BIBLE CAMP – THE BOOK OF GENESIS, all on Amazon.com.

Click this cover to order UNCLE BOB'S BOOK OF GENESIS at Amazon.com

Click this cover NOW to order UNCLE BOB’S BOOK OF GENESIS at Amazon.com

The Amazon ranking is sitting at 98,480. I’ve got another big promotional push going on tomorrow as a few other promotional websites go live – so hopefully I get this puppy airborne.

Meanwhile, I’ve given away 28 free copies of IN THE DARK AND THE DEEP, bringing the ranking up to 3,787.

26 of the 28 copies were US “sales”, only two to the UK.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


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