Why my wife loves her Kobo Mini

My wife Belinda and I both own Kobo Mini e-readers and we love them.

A couple of days ago a woman noticed Belinda reading her Kobo on the bus.

This is the conversation that resulted.

[Belinda pulls her KOBO mini out of her coat pocket to read]

Lady: Hey, is that a KOBO? I’m thinking of getting one, do you like it?

Belinda: Yes, it’s a KOBO mini. I like it very much. I read a lot.

Lady: What do you like about it?

Belinda: Well, in here I have the book I’m reading right now, most of the books my husband has written, all my favorite old comfort novels, the complete works of William Shakespeare, everything I read for book club last year, and my bible. Can you carry all that plus your lip balm and your bus pass in YOUR coat pocket?

You just click this link if you want to read more about the Kobo Mini. It isn’t the ONLY e-reader Kobo sells – but it is the cheapest and the most economical way of dipping your toes into the e-reading waters.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

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