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Spring Cold, Writing Fever…

Books for the Book Fair 002

Everybody needs to have a plan.

But you know what they say about plans, don’t you? Plans are what folks like to make while life is busy throwing great big chunks of solid frozen giant gorillas doo-doo down upon your head.

No – it wasn’t John Lennon who said that.

My plan was to finish the second volume in the UNCLE BOB series this week and have it ready for release – only I decided it would be more fun to go and catch a rotten spring cold instead.

And it was a bad one.

I actually paid the neighbor’s kid to shovel the snow that fell on Wednesday.

We had a weird freak snowstorm that dropped about 50cm of snow on our heads this Wednesday.

Garbage-bagged giant gorilla do-do would have been a whole lot preferable.

But all the same I keep on writing.

Mind you I did not do any writing last week. Like I said, I was flat on my back. I wasn’t even THINKING about writing.

So I had to re-schedule.

I am now aiming for a release date for the next volume on April 10, 2014.

Take a look at the new cover.

Uncle Bob's Babel Babyyours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon