Hey folks. I’m still recovering from a week-long cold. I’ve been sick since last Sunday but I have promised two Canadian writers a guest-spot on my blog here – so without further ado I turn the page over to Sarah Butland.

How I Write – Sarah Butland

With an unfocused mind, a four year old playing hockey and lunch looming, I find a deadline and meet it. My fingers type as fast as they can while I yell congratulations and plead “just another minute”, hoping I can come up with something of some merit.

Blood Day came out of this exact predicament and when I at last had a minute to read it I was blown away. However the ideas come to an author, I think we’re all a bit surprised when we read our own stories and delighted when it all comes together.

With blog posts such as this one I stress, worry and hesitate to come up with a topic and then suddenly my fingers just go and hopefully get to a point when it all ends.

Some writers I know get up earlier in the morning or stay up late at night, I can’t find that luxury. Working at a full time job at nights and home all day with my little boy leaves very few moments to sit and think so instead of thinking I just write with fingers crossed.

Pressure makes my stories grow weirder.

Normally a mystery author, this fantasy short story took me by surprise and when it won top prize in the contest I entered it in, I questioned my entire focus. Now I just write any genre as the story comes to me which I actually think is best for challenging purposes and meeting new people, doesn’t make it easy to create a steady fan base.

Moral of this story is that I write what I can when I can and hope for the best. Not for the most sales or biggest monetary prize, but to show my son what it’s like to live a dream and be passionate.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my story (and stories). What a great idea for a blog installment!

Happy writing and ever reading,

Sarah Butland

PS: Between March 27th and March 30th you can download my award winning short story for free on Amazon / Kindle at


So any of you folks out there with a Kindle who are looking for a fast free weekend read why not grab yourself a copy today.

As for me, I need to go back downstairs to my couch and lay down for awhile.

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

4 responses to “HOW I WRITE – SARAH BUTLAND

  1. Yes, Sarah, write when you can. It’s the best we can do.


  2. That’s pretty much what I do; write what comes out. Although it is usually humorous sci-fi/fantasy which makes it easier for me to establish a fan base!

    Now, sadly, like Steve, I too need to go and nurse my flu.




  3. I read Blood Day, last night, and it is a little weird but that kept me turning the pages to find out where it was going. Would you like to know more? Okay – it’s free ’til March 30 😉


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