Lord of The Rings versus Game of Thrones

All right – so I am SUPPOSED to be writing the next volume of UNCLE BOB’S RED FLANNEL BIBLE CAMP – but I was sidetracked by BOOK BLOGGER INTERNATIONAL’s blog entry comparing Lord of the Rings with Game of Thrones.

I commented on the blog – but I thought I’d post my thoughts here as well to share with all of my loyal blog-followers.

That’s right – all three of you.

I see you out there reading – when you REALLY ought to be writing.


Here goes…

The funny thing is my wife and I are just watching GAME OF THRONES for March Break. We stomped through the first two seasons on DVD and are beginning the third season tonight.

I love GAME OF THRONES – but I give the edge to LORD OF THE RINGS just because it is a complete and singular story arc. It has beginning and an end.

Actually, it has three or four endings – when is somebody going to tell Peter Jackson that LONGER ISN’T NECESSARILY BETTER.

GAME OF THRONES is a television series – so as such it is built around the notion that there ALWAYS has to be one more episode. So right off the bat it has that working against it.

I know, I know – you are going to tell me that GAME OF THRONES is based on a series of books – BUT IT’S A SERIES THAT HASN’T BEEN FINISHED YET!!!

That does NOT inspire confidence in me.

I know that George R.R. Martin says he has the situation entirely under control – but coming up with a proper ending to ANYTHING is awfully hard – let alone an umpteen book epic fantasy series.

So that bothers me. The notion that George R.R. Martin might not be able to get around to finishing it bothers me. The idea that someone – a publisher or a producer or a network – might get the idea to hire some well-meaning amateur – and anyone who steps into someone’s world-space is IMMEDIATELY an amateur – bothers me.

Shoot, I hope I didn’t dash that last sentence to death on you.

GAME OF THRONES has the edge on gritty – that’s for certain.

It likewise has the edge on get-down-to-it. There’s a WHOLE lot of lets-get-naked-and-get-our-funky-groove-on going on in GAME OF THRONES.

But LOTR has grandeur.

I watch the LOTR trilogy and my heart swells up and yodels in pure honest isn’t-that-cool delight.

But don’t talk to me about Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy.

Talk about a fat man jumping a large shark…


If you want to read the original blog entry swing on over to BOOK BLOGGERS INTERNATIONAL and give it a read!


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yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon


6 responses to “Lord of The Rings versus Game of Thrones

  1. LOTR every day. It’s a story of morals and of courage where good wins out over bad. GoT has pace, fights galore, boobs aplenty( and yes I mean bosoms) but I’m not sure it has a message to impart other than it’s OK to get nekkid for TV.Not something I could let a child watch whereas LOTR is.


  2. You’ve got a point about the non-kid-friendly nudity, David. Being a happily empty-nested adult I hadn’t even considered that particular aspect.


  3. Yeh, Game of Thrones has no end, which means, like Lost, I never bothered to start it. Lord of the Rings… loved the books… the film was a bit too Camelot but I should really give it another go.




    • “A bit too Camelot”?


      There is not hope for you. Go and throw yourself into the Pit of Despair. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.00.



      • I suppose I didn’t give it long enough. I managed the first 10 minutes but the eleventy first bit, which I loved in the book, just seemed sooooooooo slooooooooow and everything was all sparkly and vaseline on the lense shiny, like a 1970s soap powder advert. Phnark.

        I should probably have persevered with it.




      • All kidding aside – if you don’t like something you don’t like it.

        Case in point – THE HURT LOCKER.

        I heard SO much about this movie. How great it was. How gripping, how true, how real it was. How it had won about a billion Oscars.

        I watched it and the whole movie felt as if someone had farted in the living room.

        I can’t help it. I didn’t get it. It was lost on me.

        That doesn’t mean it was a bad movie. Doesn’t mean that I am stupid. I just didn’t get it was all.

        If a book or a movie doesn’t click with you – DO NOT SWEAT IT!

        Life is too damn short for misplaced guilt-trip.


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