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Indies for indies: the latest news on KWL bookstore events

This is something I’d LOVE to see in Halifax!

Kobo Writing Life

We can help self-published authors work with and support their local independent bookstore.  Through our partnership with the American Booksellers Association, authors can work with booksellers to sell their eBooks through the store’s website. Both parties benefit from the sales, and the authors can enjoy a real presence in–and an active relationship with–the bookstore and their local community.

The partnership between independent bookstores, independent authors, and Kobo Writing Life is an important one – the promotion of one helps the promotion of all, we believe, and by helping each other reach more readers, we make all three stronger. Your success is our success.

You may remember the announcement in September that Kobo Writing Life would be coordinating events bringing together local indie bookstores and authors, to make the most of our partnership with the American Booksellers Association. We absolutely love giving KWL authors this opportunity to promote their eBooks in…

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