Quiet Horror, Still the Darling of the Horror Genre

For the most part I write loud wet gooshy horror – but a few of my works whisper and creep. My novel DEVIL TREE is an example of “quiet horror” – and it is one of the darkest yarns I have ever crafted – and yet, it is not for everyone.

Neither was the work of Charles Grant. His work was slow, quiet and intensely subtle. It coaxed and it hinted and it whispered terror. It kind of reached down and slow-tickled something deep down in a reader’s heart.

Not everyone got it. I talked to a lot of people who felt that Charles Grant’s writing was WAY too slow and subtle and boring.

I loved his work.

Here’s a great article on what makes quiet horror work.

Quiet Horror, Still the Darling of the Horror Genre.

And – if I can be just a little bit crass – and I will be – you know I can’t help it – you might want to try a bite out of DEVIL TREE. The e-book is currently available for a measly 99 cents for the month of October.


yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon



One response to “Quiet Horror, Still the Darling of the Horror Genre

  1. Hi Steve. I like your descriptions of quiet horror. And I think you are right that some people didn’t get Charles Grant’s writing. He made you think about his stories. I will add Devil Tree to my list of quiet horror. That title is very alluring to me.


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