Sudden Death Overtime – now on sale for 99 cents

“C’mon…hockey and vampires, how could I resist. You all know how much I love vampires and as much as I love vampires, I love hockey just as much. Combining the two in a horror story is just brilliant in my opinion, especially if it is done right. And
Steve Vernon gets it right. “Sudden Death Overtime” hit all the right notes with me. A wonderful cast of characters, great dialogue between the characters and an evil bus full of vicious vampires.

Reading “Sudden Death Overtime” brought back so many memories of my childhood and our backyard skating rink that our father would painstakingly work on for hours. We would spend hours out there in the winter playing hockey. Of course, we didn’t have a bus load of vampires to fend off…unfortunately.

The best part of the story is the group of “old guys” that still strap on the skates and maintain their backyard rink for the neighborhood children. Their love of hockey shines through in the way they communicate with each other and their willingness no matter how old they are getting to pass that love along to the next generation. Characters are the driving force for me in any story and Steve’s characters are wonderful, life like and quite funny also. They also accept what is happening to them and use their knowledge from horror movies to take on the vampires. The ending is nothing that I really expected and I thought it was perfectly fitting for the tale.” – FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND

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