Does Bundling Work? – an e-book strategy

The other day I was asked if bundling works.

Now – for those folks who are wondering – I am NOT referring to that oddball nineteenth century practice of wrapping courting couples up in blankets and bags and allowing them to spend the night together just so long as no skin touched!

No – I am talking about e-book bundling – taking three or four of your e-books and releasing them as a bundle – under one discounted price.

Like this –

3-in-1Cover Small Size

Yes, dear reader – bundles do work for you in that they improve your visibility and thus your marketability by ONE more product. Each book listing on Amazon, Kobo, Kindle and the like is ONE more chance for you to sell an e-book.

That’s ONE more fishing lure out there in the water.

We’ve figure that out already – so I won’t dwell on that particular benefit.

Let me tell you about another benefit.

Bundles give you a chance at offering a SALES PRICE!

That’s a powerful lure.

Just take a look at all of those folks out there in the shopping malls. They see the slightest hint of a sales price and they start reaching for their wallets.

“Oh my golly,” they’ll say. “I can buy ONE Steve Vernon novel for three dollars or FIVE of them for twelve dollars. That’s a bargain. I would be ten kinds of stupid not to grab that five book bundle. My neighbors would laugh at me. My children would disown me. The cat would pee on me. I must be quick and grab it RIGHT NOW!!!”

If that doesn’t appeal to you then you might want to also consider that a book bundle works in another way.

A well-priced book bundle tackles the whole “round-to-it” factor in a way like no other piece of e-book marketing.

Just think about all of those projects around the house that you have been putting off. The fridge that needs cleaning. The wall that needs painting. The cat pee stains that need to be de-funkified…

If that doesn’t work for you – why not think about all of those BOOKS that you have been meaning to purchase.

Your readers suffer from the same lack of focus. Maybe they bought one of your books. Maybe they bought TWO of your books. But a book bundle gives them a chance to buy ALL of your books – or a big freaking chunk of your book inventory. Think of it like a crack dealer. You give them a dose and they might get hooked and come back looking for more. A book bundle gives them THREE or FOUR or FIVE good solid doses and before you knowing it those poor hapless readers are just going to be jonesing for a brand new fresh batch of Mark Cooper books.

Before you know it Steve Vernon is going to have created an entire army of Steve Vernon addicts – faster than you can say Heisenberg.

Hope that helps.

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

PS: If you are interested in owning that bundled collection I’ve shown you just click the picture and it will take you RIGHT to the proper Amazon page.

BUT – if you would like to own yourself a FREE Steve Vernon e-book just hit this cover RIGHT NOW!

The Dark and the Deep

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AND – if you give me another minute I am going to try to sell you a genuine set of tin-can-cutting Ginsu Knives for three low, low, low payments of $19.95 each – plus GST and whatever other crazy tax you can think of!

Yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

5 responses to “Does Bundling Work? – an e-book strategy

  1. I will definitely be bundling the trilogy… If I ever finish it. 🙂


    • You WILL finish it. One word at a time, one sentence at a time, one paragraph at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a daze…or something like that! 🙂


      • 😉 Yeh. It’s getting there. I can’t remember where I said it but my theory is that if I only write two words today, I’m two words closer to finishing it than I was yesterday. It’s definitely starting to take shape. I’ve three big scenes to write. I’m just jiggling everything around so they make sense and fit in!




  2. I agree, Steve. That’s what I did earlier this month when I released an anthology of six short stories. Four had already been released individually. I wrote to more, tossed them all in the same pot and created a short story collection. Basically it adds another book to my library. And I enrolled it in Kindle Select, whereas four of the short stories are found in several markets.


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