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Tesseracts 17 Interview: Rhea Rose

And here’s a third interview for the TESSERACTS 17 collection – this time with British Columbia author Rhea Rose. She wrote a nasty little story entitled “The Wall” which is painted with as much horror as it is science fiction.

Colleen Anderson

Another BC author, Rhea Rose’s story “The Wall” graces the pages of Tesseracts 17. It is a disturbing tale of love, obsession and loss.

CA: Rhea, your story “The Wall”  is a classic descent-into-madness story, or is it?

I think you can definitely describe this story as a classic descent-into-madness tale.  It’s also a horror story. When I wrote it I was playing with both those aspects of storytelling, madness and horror. I asked myself, “Is she crazy” or “Is this really happening?” I decided at some point that the “Wall” needed to be more concrete, more of a real creature rather than an imagining on the part of the main character. At that point, when I made the wall more of a creepy little character, was when the story turned from a one-dimensional descent- into- madness story to a more multidimensional  horror tale, as well.

CA: The disturbing…

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Trolling Lures – Now Only 99 cents!

I just marked my novella TROLLING LURES – A COYOTE TALE down to 99 cents over at the Amazon site.

So what is it about?

It started out as a simple drive down a country road.
Oh sure, Hillman was thinking about suicide.
Oh sure, the dead woman is in his back seat was goading him on.
What was the point?
Why bother living?
It turns out Coyote has something to say about that.
Coyote…and a Troll.

Trolling Lures Fullsize