Friday the 13th 99 cent Sale!

Okay – so this is Friday 13th and I have a day-long special.

ALL of my Crossroads Press e-books are now available for 99cents.

I will be posting them throughout the morning – but if you can’t wait for me to tell you which ones are on sale here is the list.

Tatterdemon – usual price $3.99
Devil Tree – usual price $3.99
Gypsy Blood – usual price $3.99
Rueful Regret – usual price $1.99
Long Horn, Big Shaggy – usual price $2.99
Bad Valentines – usual price $1.99
Roadside Ghosts – usual price $2.99
Two Fisted Nasty – usual price $2.99
Nothing To Lose – usual price $2.99
Nothing Down – usual price $2.99
Sudden Death Overtime – usual price $2.99

The best savings – by far is TATTERDEMON – a fine, fat full-length novel of scarecrow terror – just perfect for autumnal reading. If you dig old-school Stephen King – (think Salems Lot) – then you will DEFINITELY enjoy TATTERDEMON.

You don’t believe me – just hit the link and take a look at the LOOK-INSIDE-THE-BOOK and have yourself a quick peek.

I’d really LOVE to see this book get noticed and read by a lot more readers – in fact – if you don’t buy any other of my books today – BUY THIS ONE!

Tatterdemon New Cover

(just click the book cover)

yours in storytelling,

Steve Vernon

3 responses to “Friday the 13th 99 cent Sale!

  1. Reblogged this on Diane Tibert and commented:
    Steve Vernon is a local writer. Go check out his 99 cent sale.


  2. I am a wuss and afeard of horror but I’ve bought this hoping that among the King there is a brand of Tarrantino-esque humour that will er… stop me wetting myself.




  3. PS, I am looking forward to reading it!


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