Daily Archives: September 11, 2013

My Big Kindle Push – Part Two…

Okay – so by now you’ve seen the first part of my push – the release of five short sea tales as displayed in my last blog entry.

With the exception of the first book the stories were ALL published with covers made with the Kindle Cover Creator.

I am NOT saying that this is the BEST way to make your cover. I would still much rather purchase my covers from professional cover artists. Let’s face it – the covers leave a LOT to be desired.

But I’m not looking to create a huge bestseller. I am just trying to chum the waters a little in preparation for some bigger moves. Then – when I’ve made a bit more money I’ll invest in some proper covers.

At the same time I have just released a weird western novella. This isn’t my first weird western – and it won’t be my last – but I believe it just might be my best. I am REALLY proud of this little yarn.

Rueful Regret - Kindle Cover II

RUEFUL REGRET is a novella that asks the question “How far would one man go for vengeance?” Think of Larry McMurtry (Lonesome Dove) writing “The Cask of Amontillado” and you might find yourself somewhere close to the mood of this particular yarn.

Well – I have to go and cook a pot of spaghetti.

Come tomorrow and I will tell you ALL about Friday 13th…

Yours in storytelling,
Steve Vernon